One of the best-selling PlayStation 4 games of 2019 is made by Sony's direct competitor, Microsoft

Despite Microsoft and Sony directly competing with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Microsoft-owned "Minecraft" is a major player on PS4.

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Kribwalker6d ago

It’s consistently been top 20 since it launched almost 5 years ago, and i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the best selling game on The PS4 Total. How would that sound. A MS game could be the best selling game on the PS4 (at least top 5)

Great Business move by MS

gangsta_red6d ago

The game continues to impresses me. The graphics are minimal but the gameplay and what you can do is almost limitless. It's pretty amazing what I've seen people create and do with Minecraft. Definitely a good investment on MS to make.

bouzebbal6d ago

I didn't know Minecraft was made by Microsoft

Teflon026d ago

MS just bought the game and studio after it's initial success with that MS money. That's why

gangsta_red6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

"I didn't know Minecraft was made by Microsoft"

They didn't, Mojang did, crazy right? MS bought Mojang which makes them a MS 1st party studio.

"...after it's initial success with that MS money. That's why"

You mean a company bought something that was successful with actual money? Oh man, this is life changing right here.

Mozillayaseen6d ago

Been wondering about this for a while. Did Microsoft make their money back?

DarXyde6d ago

What does "almost limitless" even mean? Something either has a limit or it does not.

I'd say Dreams is extremely comparable in scale.

gangsta_red6d ago

"What does "almost limitless" even mean?"

It means it's only limited by the power of your own imagination.

343_Guilty_Spark6d ago


And have made great improvements since the original games release

I know you want to say Microsoft just bought it and all the games success has nothing to do with Microsoft when that is simply not true.

darthv725d ago

Well technically Mojang made the game but without that MS $ the game would never have evolved into the huge $$$ maker it is today. So while MS didnt make the game... they sure as hell provided the groundwork to build it into something as popular (if not more) than even Tetris. The expansions and spin offs and other licensed products.

none of that would be possible without M$.

JackBNimble5d ago

It was also on ps4 before MS bought the studio.

Andy_Dee5d ago

Why do you get down votes for this? I don't understand ppl.

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-Foxtrot6d ago

At the end of the day, no matter how anyone spins it, Microsoft never made Minecraft, they just own it now. The updates they've released for it are so lacking despite how much funding they could give it, modders have done things that Microsoft should have done years ago. They couldn't even come through with the Super Duper graphics pack.

Kribwalker6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

and at the end of the day, no matter how anyone spins it, Ms made a brilliant move buying minecraft prior to release on the PS4 where it would go on to become one of the best selling games on that platform

And in regards to updates, the better together update trumps any update. To be able to have a huge world and be able to play seamlessly with your friends on a PC/Switch/Xbox/Phone/Tablet is absolutely brilliant and was a big part in making it one of the most played game monthly on a consistent basis. It’s too bad the heads of Sony won’t allow you to have the option to join in on that update, but don’t blame MS for their decision

I could see why the super duper pack could have issues running cross platform like that, as these mods you’re talking about are more PC Specific and PCs have significantly more power than say a mobile phone

rob-GP6d ago

@kribwalker - MS bought them after it came to PS4, not prior.

Kribwalker6d ago


“The two companies signed an exclusivity agreement in July, this person said, when it became clear that Mojang's founders were open to selling.”

July 2014

While Minecraft released on the Ps4 ons september 4th 2014

RosweeSon6d ago

And that’s because they don’t want to put more money into it just milk what they can out of it

badz1496d ago


nobody is spinning the fact that MS bought Mojang and Minecraft because $2bil is not a small amount for a studio and a game.

but it's the fanatics that are always trying to spin that MS somehow "made" Minecraft which is a total BS! Minecraft has been appearing everywhere long before MS bought it and MS has done very little to improve on the Minecraft winning formula since the buyout. Minecraft will forever be Mojang...and MS that bought it.

r2oB6d ago


You sure Microsoft didn’t announce the acquisition on September 15th, 2014? After the PS4 release.

Also, yes it was a brilliant move to buy Mojang and the IP, however, Microsoft didn’t make the game. You are just deflecting the fact that Microsoft didn’t have anything to do with the creation of the game, by stating something irrelevant to the point being made.

Jin_Sakai6d ago (Edited 6d ago )


“and at the end of the day, no matter how anyone spins it, Ms made a brilliant move buying minecraft prior to release on the PS4 where it would go on to become one of the best selling games on that platform“

And at the end of the day PS4 owners get the best of both worlds, Minecraft and Sony exclusives. It’s a win win situation for PlayStation fans.

gamer78046d ago

To be totally fair, Sony doesn't make games either, they buy or publish them, lets give credit where its due, to the studios, whether its Naughty dog or Mojang.

Super duper graphics pack cancellation was annoying, a shame they couldn't make it work on phones.

bluebenjamin5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Did sony make the last of us? OAN modders always do stuff that the main company’s havent done u xbox hater#youre exposed now ps Ive had a Playstation every gen and been buying Xbox since it became im not a hater like yo azz

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NarutoFox6d ago ShowReplies(3)
xX-oldboy-Xx6d ago

Pretty stupid if you ask me, they should've kept it on PC and xbox - ms might have actually had decent hardware sales if they did.

Not so smart.

xX-oldboy-Xx6d ago

How stupid of me, well definitely 2 billion dollars well spent.

gangsta_red6d ago

"Pretty stupid if you ask me,"

One of the most successful games of our time pulling in billions of dollars after how many years on the market...and you truly believe MS is more worried about "decent hardware sales"...

Thank gawd no one asked you.

"Not so smart."

The prophecy!

xX-oldboy-Xx6d ago

Imagine how many the new ips 2 billion dollars could have made, you'll just have to wait until next gen.

That's becoming the ms mantra.

Dragonscale6d ago

@gangsta, saying ms don't care about hardware sales is a strawman and has ony happened since they got their asses handed to them this gen.

gangsta_red6d ago


It's not a straw man if you're comparing a game that prints money, successful on all platforms, has been popular since it released on 360 to a one time hardware purchase.

That wouldn't be a straw man was just be plain stupid.

xX-oldboy-Xx5d ago

gangsta - what if, at the end of the day Minecraft sells more on PS4? ms would be better being a publisher at this stage, hardware sales ain't working out so good for them.

Kribwalker5d ago

lol “Hardware sales aren’t working for them”

Since when is selling over 40 million units “Not Working”
It’s not selling as many units as the competition, but 40 million units is definitely working. What a moronic statement

xX-oldboy-Xx5d ago

krib - being 3rd in a 3 horse race isn't where most companies would happy to be. Spending 2 billion dollars and selling more units on a competitors console - that screams stupidity to me.

The point is to make your console more desirable than the others on the market.

That's how you increase sales.

Like I said ms the publisher looks to becoming a reality. Time will tell.

gangsta_red5d ago

"That's how you increase sales. "

There's more to making sales than just with consoles. This is what you aren't really understanding, or trying not to understand. Minecraft isn't popular just on PS4, it's popular on PC popular on mobile devices. And has been making MS money since it's debut on 360. It's making money across every platform it's on. What few developers or publishers can say they have a game like this under their belt where it makes them money for that long?

How can you even begin to believe that could be stupid?

xX-oldboy-Xx5d ago

gangsta - im not disputing or saying the acquisition of Mojang/minecraft was stupid.

It seems I need to write in plain English for some to understand.

ms shouldn't have released Minecraft on PS4, the place to play Minecraft on current gen consoles should've been xbox one and all the other under selling iterations.

That's how you increase console sales of your flagship games product.

I'm pretty sure ms would rather 60+ million xbox one owners to flog their services to.

rainslacker5d ago

Would be kind of silly to devalue the brand by making it exclusive. When a company spends 2 billion, investors want to see a return, and they've made a lot of money off the ps3/4 versions.

Doesn't matter if they made it first or not, they are reaping the benefits, and since the ps3/4 release were planned and essentially done before MS brought the studio, there was no compelling reason to make it exclusive. It wouldn't have helped sell the x1 enough to make up what they would have lost by not releasing the ps versions.

bluebenjamin4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Beyond smart they not fanboys they business men making money play what you want to play on! software sales is where its at

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SpaceRanger6d ago

“How would that sound. A MS game could be the best selling game on the PS4 (at least top 5)“

You couldn’t be anymore right. It sounds like MS truly is heading in the direction as a software company with stats like this. Definitely a good direction with the investments they’ve made.

XabiDaChosenOne6d ago

Yup, now go ahead microsoft and bring those other best selling franchises to the PS4 as well such as Gears, Halo and Forza.

Juusterey6d ago

Because one game released years ago sold well on ps4
that somehow means ms is heading in the software direction?

shaggy23036d ago


Phil Spencer has said many times he wants "xbox games" on as many devices as possible, even if that means competitors hardware

So ye, looking at that they do seem to be going that way, if not next gen then perhaps the one after.

rainslacker5d ago

It would be interesting if ms went more towards a software publisher than a console maker. I think they want to push services, but if their services are doing well, and the other console makers are dominating the market, then going the route of other big publisher who are looking to have their own streaming or downloading services may be more suitable for them.

I think for much of the flack they get from fan boys, many ps gamers would still enjoy a lot of the games MS makes. The good ones are better than many 3rd party games out there.

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zodiac9096d ago

"Best selling game on Ps4 Total"....dumb you are.

KickSpinFilter6d ago

Mindcraft was way out on PS4 before MS Acquired it

Kribwalker5d ago

MS agreed to buy mojang in july 2014, the game released on ps4 september 4th 2014 and the acquisition was announced September 15 2014.

Imortus_san6d ago

Great move not to cancel the PS version, tons of easy cash, game sold a ton more since Microsoft got involved.
They have long sold more then 170 million.

agnosticgamer6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I am guessing 116 (downvotes) individuals... really have no clue what a great business move is... Console warriors are the worst. they can't even recognize a great business move by a competitor. MS has made a fortune off this acquisition and resisted the urge to make it exclusive to reap in large amounts of profits as a multi-plat multi-device title.

KickSpinFilter5d ago

Mindcraft was out on PS3 in Dec 2013, so with development time it was already heading to PS4 long before MS talks. A developer can't turn a game around in 3 months. So it was a game already in production.

Longadog5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

sigh..didnt know that when the swedish guys were first developing minecraft, they were already employed by microsoft...but yeah. whatever floats the ms fanboys

tbh, if minecraft was microsoft from the beginning, it would be a mindless kiddie fps shooter.

mandingo5d ago

Over a hundred Sony ponies mad at the success of a Microsoft owned game lol

Longadog5d ago

"microsoft owned game"

... when sometimes you just really have to scrape the bottom of the barrel

ajax175d ago

So Notch was employed by MS? 🤔

shawshankred3d ago

Yes. Halo and Gears of War will also sell great on PlayStation.

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Silly gameAr6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

It's Minecraft. Are you guys serious with this? It was a big seller before MS was even involved. Is there a conference coming up? Some kind of upcoming event for MS? Getting a lot of fluff pieces.

Apocalypse Shadow6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Minecraft selling well on PlayStation is the only thing they can hold on to. Even though the game was on PlayStation before Microsoft bought the company.

It's really sad how far they have fallen after being completely dominated by Sony this Gen and being led by a carrot this whole time by Microsoft.

Next thing you know, they'll be happy all their 1st party games are on PlayStation, Nintendo and PC. Compared to how they behaved last Gen, it's eye opening the amount of Kool- aid they drink. You'd think they'd be better off with all that salt instead of the amount of sugar they consumed.

ImGumbyDammit6d ago

^^^ When does summer vacation end so we don't have to have so many comments by 13 year old's littering the place with over the top fanboy crap like this comment?

Father__Merrin5d ago

They enjoyed ps1 then they enjoyed ps2 then......based entirely because they purchased xbox 360 first they quickly decided ps3 has to go even going as far as saying it has no games it will do a dream cast etc who needs blueray who needs WiFi.... Now look at them and look at ps4

gangsta_red6d ago ShowReplies(1)
nowitzki20046d ago

They need credit for SOMETHING this gen.. let them shine in this moment lol

badz1496d ago

I think Phil already took too much credit for himself LOL

Gardenia6d ago

It wasn't even made by MS like the article says

trooper_6d ago

Giving Microsoft credit for Minecraft is literally REACHING at this point.

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Elda6d ago

Tried the demo on the PS3 eons ago & I thought the game was boring & uninteresting. I don't know what folks find interesting in Minecraft but like they say....To each their own.

Livingthedream6d ago

@ELDA you have to be a free thinking imaginative individual, to really be into this game.

Elda6d ago

Again....To each their own.