Why Fans Are Angry With Pokémon Sword and Shield

SwitchedOn Gamer writes: Here's a breakdown of why some Pokémon fans are upset about the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield games for Nintendo Switch.

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franwex7d ago

Pokémon fans are like Call of Duty fans. They absolutely hate on the game before it comes out. Still buy it. Play it for like 600 hours and absolutely hate every second of it and rant about how the franchise is dead.

nommers7d ago

I've never heard Pokemon fans do that. Or if they have I never saw it much in general videos/forums. They always talk highly or think highly of the series. That was the problem though. But now that the main series is getting into the console space, it's issues are finally being brought in the limelight.

King_Noctis7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Seriously, where did you get this generalization from? I have never seen the fans complain that the franchise is dead. But other complains (such as the lack of National Pokedex), those I have seen.

Sgt_Slaughter7d ago

Game Freak managed to disappoint/irritate the Japanese Pokemon fanbase, which is the worst thing you can do with something this.

Summons757d ago

Because fandoms are toxic and live to hate. There was a ton of hate before X&Y and they ended up enjoying that. There was a ton of hate before Sun and Moon, even more before the Ultra games and they still enjoyed those. They will get over the fact there is no National Dex when they realize most if not all their favorites will make the cut and when they get it through their thick skulls that the National Dex now transcends each individual game and you can "collect them all" in Pokemon Home when they release.

Sono4216d ago

ah the good ole calling them toxic without seeing there are very valid complaints here, good job man, never heard that before. Anyone who immediately dismisses valid criticism as just 'toxic behavior" are the real toxic ones.

Summons756d ago

No, they aren't vaild. The argument is "You can't catch them all" but yes you can. Nothing is stopping you from having all 1000+ pokemon in Pokemon Home. Not to mention we don't even have the final number for the in-game Dex would could well more than 500+. Gamefreak probably has tons of data on which Pokemon are more popular in competitive vs ones people catch to check off a list and place in their box for the rest of time. There is no critical thought behind the argument just diving straight into the freaking out and making a mountain out of an anthill. Also, yes they are toxic which all fandoms tend to be the second a thing doesn't remotely go their way. If the game comes out and there is 80 Pokemon then sure all the angry is valid but damning a game well before it's released is completely senseless especially when that game still has a lot of information unknown to players. So you can collect them all in the game and collect the entirety in Home. There is going to be over 1k Pokemon, collecting them all has been getting tedious for a few games now and most people rely on past games to get every one anyway. Honestly, I find it refreshing that there is going to be a set number for the game.

Sono4215d ago (Edited 5d ago )

It is 100% justified, your argument for home is illogical, Home isn't a game, it's a bank, it's purpose is so that you can transfer your OLD Pokemon to the NEW games. Your home argument only strengthens their argument for the national dex to come back.

GameFreak turned this mole hill into a mountain when they made the claim that the pokemon were cut for:
1. Competitive balancing, the most easily debunked excuse ever.
2. Better/Higher quality animations, which it's already proven 90% of the animations are re-used 3DS animations
3. They claim they remade ALL models models from scratch, another blatant lie as they JUST made future proof models to prevent this EXACT problem, which they just used in the let's go games, so why would they not use them in Sword and Shield? Illogical. Data miners can already confirm the future proof models are used in the Let's go series, and the models look EXACTLY the same to Let's go games. When the game releases I bet my life savings the data miners reveal they used those exact same future proof models in Sword and Shield, which will only anger fans even more.

All of their excuses are provably false. Which makes the fans even more enraged.

Even IF they weren't lying (They 100% are) their excuses still hold no water, as this is one of the top grossing franchises of all time, don't have enough people hired to animate/remake models/balance? HIRE MORE, this is the one company that can not have the excuse of not enough help or funding, if there is one game series that has enough money to accomplish literally ANYTHING it's Pokemon.

This is them taking the cheap way out plain and simple, or maybe due to time restraints, one of those two reasons are the only logical ones anything else is a flat out lie.

Instead of just highlighting all of their many flaws and problems though I actually propose a solution. Have 2 different developers work on each game, just like Call of Duty, one year we get GameFreaks game, the next we get Genius Sorority's game (The people who made Pokemon Colosseum and XD) Also instead of scamming people into buying 2 versions of the SAME GAME just release one, I don't understand how they still get away with that in 2019, if EA released 2 different versions of Fifa and had high profile players specific to each version as well as other elements, the Internet would flip out, but for some reason Nintendo/GameFreak get a pass? It's a joke that just never ends..

Sono4215d ago

And this isn't even mentioning just how awful the game looks in general, people are comparing it to N64 and Gamecube games..... and rightfully so. This is supposed to be the first true console Pokemon game, and it look's terrible graphically, then on top of that there's no national dex and then they lie about why that is? How do you not understand why people are upset?

Then that one GameFreak employee came out and admitted that Town is their main priority and is getting the main focus, like what?! Pokemon is the highest grossing franchise ever.. and yet they most of their resources into Town... a new IP what an absolute joke.

Sono4213d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Exactly, no response because what is happening is literally inexcusable/indefensible, if you can defend these kind's of practices then you deserve to be ripped off as a consumer.

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RedDevils7d ago

Pokemon after Gold/silver shown little to no improvement in term of gameplay whatsoever. All other RPG series managed to improve within every installment and introduce fresh ideas, whereas Pokemon stay the same, boring animation as always. I wish Pokemon do something like Nino Kuni 1

Kaedro6d ago

-No national Pokedex
-Controlable camera only in the open plain
-Unimpressive graphics
-Have you seen that Wingulll animation?
-You can see pokemon roaming the area, but there are STILL random battles.
-Gigantamax is lame
-Lengendaries look lame
-Not completely open world