Spiders Wants GreedFall to Fill the Void Left by BioWare

The Escapist interviews Spiders CEO Jehanne Rousseau about their upcoming game GreedFall and how they hope it fills a void left by BioWare changing tack.

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lxeasy6d ago

I would love that. The last great Bioware game was Inquisition. and that was in 2014.

gangsta_red6d ago

I'm really loving the look of this game too. I said it somewhere else but this game looks like what the later Fable games should have been.

porkChop7d ago

Those are big shoes to fill, and Spiders' recent games haven't been well received. Good luck.

jznrpg7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

If they can up their production value and polish they could potentially do it. Their past games are fairly rough in several areas mainly combat and general assets that give a clunky feel

djl34857d ago

They make average 60-70 rated games. They make pretty good games for a AA developer.

I'll play this even if it is just like their others to help support them. I thoroughly enjoyed The Technomancer myself.

TheOptimist7d ago

They have the capability if given resources. Technomancer wasn't 'bad' by any stretch. Just needs more polish honestly.

neutralgamer19927d ago

I heard it's pretty boring and repetitive to play so you recommend it?

quent7d ago

It takes time and patience to get into, like most of they're game's, but if you like old school rpg's you can see that DNA the games along with the effort these devs put in

TheOptimist6d ago

I would recommend it, but as mentioned it is not for the general masses. It is kinda like Elex. It lacks the polish of most modern games.

Spurg7d ago

Home focus interactive have been killing in the last few years.

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The story is too old to be commented.