My 11 year-old-son plays violent video games, here's what they have taught him

Violent video games, even nonviolent games, do have a tendency to teach those that play a few things. Obviously, the younger the player is, the more susceptible they are to being influenced by the content of the titles.

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Jimboms776d ago

Yea, I'm on board with all of the things pointed out here. Really terrific article about the farce of video game violence in the real world.

DigitallyAfflicted775d ago

Well the bottom line is that we like violent games because people are violent by nature. Game can’t make you violent it’s our predisposition to resolve problems with violence (please don’t ask why "works 9 out of 10") and only if we know that violence it’s not an answer we’ll look for other ways.

Violence as well comes out of anger and we all get angry now and then so really blaming anything else then actually the person who did commit those crimes is just stupid
and just maybe if he couldn’t get hold of gun then instead of bloodshed this would just end up being a Drunken Fist fight.

774d ago
AlexMuncatchy775d ago

I agree. Few actually think violent games turn people violent, just like how listening to Marilyn Manson or playing DOOM doesn't make you into a killer.

I've grown up with violent/sexual games, music, movies, and books and what I've learned is that it depends on the person playing them. I was huge into Unreal Tournament back in the day, along with Splinter Cell and Halo, and this article rings true for so many of the positive benefits that come from playing with others, providing a space for introverts to work together and form friendships in an environment that is comfortable for them.

However, I cannot speak too much on today's multiplayer experiences as I've lacked the time to play most Multiplayer games these days, but I remember when Call of Duty and Xbox Live subscriptions including microphones being a blessing and a curse.....

There are some truly terrible people out there who use that same comfort of relative anonymity to say some absolutely abhorrent things to others, putting others down for absolutely no reason, and relishing in trollish behavior. This schadenfreude can be absolutely detrimental to the experience and *that* I believe could affect you or your children more than the actual content of the game itself.

When I played Halo 2, the worst thing would often be people killing themselves a bunch of times and then quitting the match, or a whole group of people on your team leaving right when the game starts, pitting you against 4 on the other team as a weird joke of sorts.

Violent games are just an extension of a power fantasy we all have. It's a perfect, digital simulation of destruction and control, and if we can quench that thirst virtually, we are far less likely to have someone wanting to do it in real life.

v_eno_m774d ago

agreed, up until this "I once had a person tell me that it was harder to buy cellphones for their business than it was to buy a .50 cal rifle. Why the fuck does someone need that?"

who cares why someone needs/wants a .50. its their choice/right and it should have been left at that. In my opinion, the question "Why the fuck does someone need that?" could be left out.

but other than that, this is a great article

milohighclub776d ago

Wut? I have non of these skills.

Fist4achin775d ago

Aren't headshots a skill as well?!

ravinash774d ago

I've been playing games for years and I'm rubbish at headshots.

Rushing_Punch775d ago

It doesn't sound like this kid is playing really violent game. Get back at me when they are playing Wolfenstein or something with teeth. Fortnite and PUBG aren't violent

FlyingFoxy775d ago

Yea be toxic and encourage more kids to play adult stuff, yawn.. Like the gaming world needs more toxicity.

Hungryalpaca774d ago

Toxic doesn’t mean shit anymore.

Germaximus775d ago ShowReplies(1)
OneLove775d ago

Lmfao pubg isnt violent? A literal realistic style military survival game with real guns, grenades, and blood. I tell ya some people have no sense at all.

ravinash774d ago

If someone thinks PUBG isn't violent, I'd hate to see they they think is violent.

KwietStorm_BLM775d ago

PUBG is 1000x more realistic violence than Wolfenstein.

spicelicka774d ago (Edited 774d ago )

"Realistic violence" doesn't mean it has the same impact as exaggerated realistic violence. You can argue that Wolfenstein has a greater psychological impact because you can see gore and dismemberment in far more detail. It also looks more realistic graphically compared to PUBG which looks like a last gen game. It has realistic gameplay yes, but I think seeing a guy's head chopped off with an axe is much more violent.

ravinash774d ago

@ spicelicka - yes thats true, but PUBG is more grounded in real world gameplay, along with knowing everyone your playing against is a real person.

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FlyingFoxy775d ago (Edited 775d ago )

10 yr old is far too young for adult games, they pick up on everything including foul language which many morons use today in MP games.

Fortnite is fine for 10+ yr olds though, since it's rated 12 i guess it's just acceptable.

Cardes775d ago

I hope you're not serious. I can only talk from my perspective, but when I was around 5 years old I played lots of violent and adult games. Such as Destroy All Humans, Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, XIII, God of War, GTA Vice City and etc. I didn't pick up on foul language from video games more than when I was around adults. I have never had violent tendencies, and as a matter of fact it did nothing but open up my imagination even more.

goldwyncq775d ago

Kids will continue using swear words regardless of whether or not they're playing violent video games.

ravinash774d ago

They will bounce off their peers, so if they get a lot of other kids talking like that they they will get worse.
Always best to keep an eye on them for all sorts of reasons when their playing on line.
You don't want your kid to become "that kid".

gamer7804775d ago

I don't let my kids play violent games or games rated above their age, i don't do this because it makes them any more aggressive or violent, i do this because they are my kids. Esrb does a fine job as long as you use that as a guide and then decide how you want to parent your kids. freedom is a great thing... Until people try to chip away at it.

rainslacker775d ago

My foul language was picked up from my father. He had a habit of swearing when he was frustrated.

Whenever I use bad language, it's in the same way he did it. The stuff I picked up through gaming, or other media, I can't say I emulate in the way I generally speak, and I'm certainly never as vitriolic and hateful towards specific people like I hear in media or through online chats.

Parents are the number one influence on their children. After that it's peer influence, then I'd say other media falls in somewhere after those two.

DJStotty775d ago

10 yr olds will hear more foul language from their parents than in a video game lmao

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