RPG Vault: Warrior Epic Interview - Part 1

RPG Vault writes: "No matter how mighty they may be, all warriors are destined to fall in battle. While some are able to avoid this fate for a considerable length of time, none can escape the inevitable forever. Eventually, even a seemingly invincible hero may encounter a challenger who is even more powerful. Others will overwhelmed by the weight of numbers, or meet their demise through circumstances beyond their control, such as simple bad luck. However, death is not an absolute finale. The essence of the deceased does not dissipate into the void. Instead, it returns to a sanctuary hall, where it may be returned to life. But that is only one possibility. The spirit can also be summoned during combat to wreak havoc on the enemy. A third option is infusing it into a weapon; enhanced ones can inflict far more damage.

Warrior Epic is a massively multiplayer action RPG that is projected to launch next spring. When it does, this highly unusual and therefore interesting three-pronged death system will be a key feature. Developed by Possibility Space, the title will put you in command of a hall that serves as a headquarters for your characters, which can be recruited from a broad selection of classes, each with it own distinct mix of strengths and weaknesses. From this base, you'll be able to undertake various campaigns with friends, and experience an adventure mode, solo quests, and PvP. A couple of weeks ago, almost immediately after free to play publisher True Games Interactive announced it had acquired global rights to this intriguing project, we had some good fortune, obtaining the chance to learn more by questioning its Director of Product Development. Peter Cesario."

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