Need For Speed 2019 Title Revealed In URL Leak

EA has accidentally revealed the title for Need For Speed 2019 in a URL leak for the game's Reveal trailer premiere on Youtube.

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Sgt_Slaughter10d ago

Need for Speed Heat, for those who didn't want to give a click to the clickbait headline

MaximusPrime_10d ago

Thanks. I didn't even clicked on the link.

Haaliax10d ago

Not all heroes wear capes

zeal0us9d ago

Those microtransactions/loot boxes will be extra hot this time around.

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Retroman10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

U sir is CORRECT. will be called "Need to be let down Speed" i'm being realistic and practical here. jumped OFF hype train after The Run. while loot creates,microtransactions ,slot up-grades wheel took over.

bluefox75510d ago

They won't let this series die. Would be nice if they went back to their roots, but it's EA, we know what to expect.

Retroman10d ago

Yeah, expect Microtransactipn, loot crates, online multiplayer racing , pay to win racing.
instead of off-line closed circuit racing as the Original Formula is.

KyRo10d ago

Say what you will about NFS but it's pretty much the only game keeping arcade racers alive. This generation has been absolutly terrible for them. No Motorstorm, no Ridge Racers, no Burnouts, No Split Seconds. It's been abysmal and whilst NFS is pretty average compared to what it was, it's the only racing game that's ticks a lot of arcade racing fans boxes which is terrible to say lol

Segata10d ago

Plenty of 3D arcade racers. You just have to look past big publishers. Smaller dev studios. Tho Onrush was from a more well-known dev. Still, there is Rise: Race to the Future. Xenon Racer, Horizon Chase Turbo, Fast Racing RMX, Redout and more.

rpvenom10d ago

I think to be fair.. games like GTA Online.. have really crushed arcade racer games.. it may not be as realistic as some arcade games.. but racing in a fully fleshed out world like gta, plus all the custom tracks.. and custom ways to play.. then you have the entirety of gta online to play with on top of that.. why would i spend $70 on a racing game when gta offers that and so much more.. at least that's how i personally see it. not to mention the constant updates and new cars being added which can even outnumber the amount of cars seen in some racing games.

KyRo10d ago

Segata there ain't many compared to last generation tbf but thank you for some suggestions. I've played on rush which was amazing, horizon and fast racing weren't for me but that rise game looks amazing. How that ever slipped by me ill never know!

xRacer74x10d ago

@Segata, those listed sucked except for onrush which was more car battle than arcade racing.

battlegrog10d ago

i love arcade racers, NFS is no good arcade racer.Its weird because it used to be a legit racer but now it cant do either or well.

BlaqMagiq19d ago

I have Burnout Paradise Remastered and Wipeout Omega Collection so my arcade racer fix is taken care of. They can kill NFS and I wouldn't even miss it lol.

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Father__Merrin10d ago

it sells millions on every release its a well loved game

EazyC10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Let me guess, some new pain-in-the-arse bounty mechanic called 'Heat' that is sold as a game-changer but ends up just being frustrating. Also, some cliché-riddled storyline about you playing as an undercover cop taking down a street-racing crime syndicate while trying not to bring 'heat' on yourself to avoid arousing suspicion.

I mean, it could be good, but I'm so jaded when it comes to NFS titles at this point.

quent9d ago

A lootbox that gives -2 chance for the ai drivers to rubber band on you

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