Nintendo Switch SNES controller possibly on the way

A new FCC filing points to a Nintendo Switch SNES controller being released sometime in the near future. This could also point to SNES games being released on the Nintendo Switch through the Nintendo Switch Online virtual library.

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discobastard6d ago

Really need some SNES, N64, and Cube games on here! It'd be the best console ever created if they nailed this

Direwolf4846d ago

The reality is, NES games just haven't aged that well. By contrast, SNES stuff and some (not all though) of the N64 and GameCube stuff is still quite playable, so yea, if they can leverage those games for Nintendo Online they'd actually add some value to the service.

Tross6d ago

If they did VC they would have all that and more by now. That’s why I’m miffed about the lack of VC.

Tross6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

There’s already an 8-Bit Do controller that’s more or less like an SNES one. I suppose one that’s 100% authentic might be worth paying for, for some, but the 8-Bit Do controllers are also like $30USD I think.

The less I hear about Switch Online the better. Give me VC or shut up. Other Nintendo systems launched with that so get on it.