15 Video Game Series Defined By Their Incredible Music

Video games are often wrapped up neatly with a bow because of music. Here are 15 games we think are defined by their music, or songs, amongst other things. |Twinfinite

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lxeasy7d ago

Halo has one of the most Iconic music themes in all of Gaming for sure

umair_s517d ago

Where is metal gear solid?

Vhampir7d ago


MGS1's theme was plagiarized from a Russian composer.

Vokun7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Without doubt one of the best game soundtracks out there! Just thinking about it made me fire it up again now and I'm currently listening to Covenant Dance. So good!

AK917d ago

It's a shame how bad the Halo music has gotten since O'Donnell left

Zeegamereh7d ago

Halo 4 has really freakin good music it’s just not Halo though but Halo Infinite is returning back to its roots so there’s that

lxeasy6d ago

@ak91no one agrees with you LMAOL

Z5017d ago (Edited 7d ago )

"Defined" though?
I would say Halo is "Defined" by it's gameplay
But that's just me.

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nucky647d ago

this type of thing comes down to personal preference; but, the one games music that i still enjoy today is the soundtrack from journey - very peaceful.

hawkeye987d ago

No. 1 is hands down Final Fantasy.

nucky646d ago

for you it is - and that's fine.

scoot_n_loot7d ago

Havent looked yet, but maybe Tony Hawk's Pro Skater? And Obviously Zelda.

franwex7d ago

Hotline Miami one of the best and most fitting the setting. I liked it so much I even bought the soundtrack on Vinyl.

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The story is too old to be commented.