Fire Emblem: Three Houses to get Maddening and Infernal difficulty modes

Fire Emblem: Three Houses sure is one of the most challenging game in the series but for those who still think the hardest difficulty available isn’t hard enough, it seems there will be a Maddening and Infernal difficulty modes that are coming in the near future.

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kythlyn6d ago

Most challenging game in the series? More like the easiest. And I'm not saying that as any sort of elitist... the difficulties beyond Hard in earlier games destroyed me. But Hard/Classic in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is very easy thanks to being able to rewind to correct mistakes and see the enemy's intended targets. Looking forward to the harder difficulties!

kythlyn6d ago

Also... how did this get past the editors?

SterlingSilver6d ago

How is this one of the most challenging games in the series when you can turn back time more than 10 times and constantly train your units in auxiliary battles? Plus a lot of the new comers are playing on casual mode so the only people who would be playing these harder difficulties are veteran players. Just a strange statement.