Games that aren't playable on Switch Lite

"Since we are about a month away before Nintendo releases the much awaited Switch Lite, there are some games that aren't playable due to strict handheld mode only." - JPS

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Shiken7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Technically you can still play all of these games in table top mode, as you can still synch joycons to it (albiet much less enjoyable).

Just saying....

shaggy23037d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Hhhmmm so the "more portable" console will now be less portable, what with having to carry the handheld and now two joycons.

Just saying...

Shiken7d ago

How is it any less portable for those games than the base Switch? Your comment makes no sense? XD

shaggy23037d ago


You need it explaining?

Ok, I'll make it simple.

The Switch Lite is the "handheld" version of the Switch, ie smaller, lighter etc.

As the article mentioned, some games cant be played on the Switch Lite.

You mentioned that you can play those games on a Switch Lite if you just buy extra JoyCons.

I then mentione that a Switch Lite with two extra JoyCons will be less portable than not only the Switch Lite itself, but also the base Switch model.

Get it?

Averyashimself7d ago

You don't HAVE to carry the two joycons, as you don't have to buy the Lite. That's the beauty of choice, you may either buy a Nintendo Switch Lite and miss out on Mario Party. Or here's a thought, buy the regular switch. You're complaining about virtually nothing.

KeenBean3457d ago (Edited 7d ago )

How so? The majority of people aren't bringing extra joycons with them and even if they did, it's still more portable than the stock switch.

Shiken7d ago


The OG Switch requires two joycons as well to play in table top mode. You cannot play those games with joycons attached. You have exactly the same amount of components to play those few games with the Lite as you would the OG. That makes them exactly the same when it comes to portability of these games. With all other games, it is more portable due to form factor and better battery. Your comment lacks logic, common sense, and a point.

Get it?

iplay1up27d ago

Yeah because most people can not live without Mario Party and Just Dance. Just saying!

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Shiken7d ago

I disagree on Super Mario Party. My household loves it!

Still the game was never meant to be portable anyway.

Neonridr6d ago

Mario Party is the only real sore omission there.

JBryant06197d ago

So pretty much just Super Mario Party and even that has a mixed reception so no real loss.

Nebaku7d ago

Does it have a mixed reception? From everything I've seen, it was regarded as a return to form for the series, especially after the cluster that were the Wii U entries.

KeenBean3457d ago

It's fun but they dropped the ball with the online in classic Nintendo fashion, best mario party since the GC days imo

TheFirstClassic7d ago

Mixed is a bit harsh, it's a solid game. Still not that big of a loss.

Averyashimself7d ago

So literally 5 games at this point. That's what all of these people are whining and moaning about? Give me a break.

TheUndertaker857d ago

Classic Nintendo.

It's not hard to figure out this would come up. Nintendo has done the same with virtually all of its consoles and handhelds.

Wait for the supposed Pro model. Then more will drop incompatible with Switch and Switch Lite.

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