New Death Stranding Image Showcases Beautiful Water Effects

In the build-up to Opening Night Live, Hideo Kojima is continuing to tease images of his highly anticipated next game, Death Stranding.

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DaDrunkenJester8d ago

I'm all for beautiful landscapes, but how come in all of these screenshots we never see any wildlife, humans, creatures, settlements, buildings etc.? Is he purposefully taking pictures all the time that have absolutely nothing around him?

Hungryalpaca8d ago

We don’t know anything about the world.

Have you ever been to plains? Or a Scottish shore line? Animals can be pretty rare.

sprinterboy7d ago

Plus hasn't a comet or asteroid hit the earth?

DaDrunkenJester7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

If it's like the Scottish shoreline then where are the sea birds and such? Plains have animals, plus I dont think this game is going for being geologically accurate or whatever haha

Just an honest question. It plays into me wanting to know more.

DaDrunkenJester7d ago


If there is a reason narratively for it like an asteroid then I'm totally okay with that. I'm just actually wondering why we never see anything living and if that's the cause then that's fine.

ravinash7d ago

If the first preview is anything to go by, they have all washed up on a beach dead.

cannon88007d ago

@sprinterboy The craters are caused by voidouts. And when the character dies.

S2Killinit7d ago

Well, maybe there is something about the story... that makes wildlife out of place?

TK-667d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Well if you just write into the narrative that your world is bland and dead it's all good I guess!

Snakeeater257d ago

Thats the problem the game is out soon and still nothing about the game ... just a delivery guy wandering around with a baby and a ladder... for now i will pass

ZombieGamerMan7d ago

sprinterboy No that's the other post apocalyptic open world game, RAGE 2.

Remeber Rage?
Remember Fallout?
Remember Destiny?

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SyntheticForm7d ago

I'm sure we'll be coming across various things but I favor the desolation we've seen so far. I do recall seeing a ruinous settlement in the big reveal. I believe we're going to see a lot of things, but this dark, desolate tone is great.

I like these lonely games.

DaDrunkenJester7d ago

That's kinda what I was thinking. Especially with that weird time rain stuff

sprinterboy7d ago

Don't think their would be much wildlife about after a impact and a potential ele (earth level event) scenario do you.
Can't see there being bears, deers, cats and dogs etc jumping for joy.

DaDrunkenJester7d ago

I didnt realize there was a massive catastrophe. If that's the reason and it's part of the narrative that most livings things are dead then I'm okay with that.

OnlyThoseOnTheFence7d ago

...Did you not look at the cover photo for this article?? It's a beach with a bunch of dead whales. Let that be an indicator to you.

DaDrunkenJester7d ago

Lol I honestly never even noticed the whales until you just said that haha if that's an indicator that all wildlife is dead then okay it seems to be narratively driven and if that's the case then I'm fine with that.

DaDrunkenJester7d ago

On the same note it is a bit of a bummer that we aren't going to have to navigate wildlife predators on the journey though.

NarutoFox7d ago

Animals are probably extinct

froy4027d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I don't know, maybe because it's a waste land in a apocalyptic era. Maybe his vision of the game doesn't consist of bunny rabbits and deer frolicking in the sunshine and gay NPC's prancing around in laughter, who knows I'll go with the former.

Dirty_Lemons7d ago

I'm sure there could be a plot point to explain it, and I'm amped to play this to say the least, but I wonder if it'll be like MGSV: beautiful scenery but only enemies, no NPCs to increase the world's immersive appeal.

Either way I'm sure it'll be an experience to say the least.

xX-oldboy-Xx7d ago

DaDrunken - go and watch the release date trailer again, the crows flying aged beyond life - even decomposition in seconds.

There's your answer, what it is and how it came about - we'll have to play the game to find out.

DaDrunkenJester7d ago

Yeah after talking about it more with other people it definitely seems there is an actual reason, and it makes much more sense why we haven't seen random wildlife or even wandering groups or something out more.

yoshatabi7d ago

How about wait until the games releases instead of assuming? I can do the same thing. Play an open world game and take a picture of me in the middle of an empty desert. Doesn't mean shit though

DaDrunkenJester7d ago

But there has been a ton of these photo's and plenty of trailers. I doubt you can play AC Odyssey or something else open world and take this many photos and trailers and not see an animal or random NPC roaming about or flying around etc.

DarXyde7d ago

Right on cue...

Read about Death Stranding before asking this question and you can at least make an educated inference. The title itself is a play on words and means 2 things and it may give you an idea of what the game is about.

DaDrunkenJester7d ago

"stranding is an important sign of renal inflammation or of acute obstruction." Is this the plague everyone is dying from? Death from renal inflammation or obstruction?

DarXyde7d ago

So... the frequently seen puddles, Kojima's mention of using humanity's second tool (the rope), and the dangling font haven't given you ANY ideas for the game?

Either you have no serious interest in the game and are likely concern trolling or you're a grade or so too early to understand.

Vokun7d ago

Everything we have seen from this game so far has looked so awful and boring. The fact that he keeps posting pictures where nothing exciting happens and everything looks stale and uninteresting does not bode well for the game.

Sophisticated_Chap7d ago

This is why I'm more interested in Kojima's next game:

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bluefox7557d ago (Edited 7d ago )

interestingly, the one area the HZD was lacking in graphically. With that said, still one of the best looking games to date. Will be interesting to see how DS ramps up the decima engine.

xX-oldboy-Xx7d ago

Well GG has said themselves there've been blown away by what Koji Pro has done to DECIMA. Because they were given the raw engine, Koji Pro are able to add and modify DECIMA - a great collaboration if their ever was one.

VerminSC7d ago

I’m probably gonna get a ton of downvotes but can’t help but feel this game will disappoint

sprinterboy7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Gamers will love it or hate it imo.
There is a crowd of gamer who hate games like heavy rain, beyond 2 souls or detroit as examples so I'm guessing that same kinda crowd is gotta hate on this tbh.
I'm not the biggest mgs fan or kojima fan for that matter so I'm going in gently but from what I've seen so far from the trailers this is right up there with my nerdy universe, dimensions, time, aliens, science interests but and it's a big but, if the game feels anywhere near simlar to how the gameplay mechanics work in mgs or player movement as examples I'll hate it.

VerminSC7d ago

I’m in the exact same boat.

hawkeye987d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Looking at the screens I think it's only going to be appealing to those who have a lot of patience. Looks like to me the payoffs will come, but very slowly.

Rude-ro7d ago

Via what expectations?
Not saying what he makes is for “everyone”... but his name rings loud for a reason.
So are you referring to those clueless about his games?
Those brain dead cod players who help raise $800 million in micro transactions in two months on a re-skinned repetitive yearly release? Possibly...thinking is hard for some.

But, there is not one single Sony game that has someone, verbatim, saying what you say... and the success has pretty much argued that statement every time. Days gone being a prime example.

jackdaddy7d ago

Of course some will be disappointed. That's normal. I think you'll find they will be in the minority.

xX-oldboy-Xx7d ago

VerminSC - in what sense will it disappoint? Graphics? Sound? Story? Dialogue? Mission structure? Interesting NPC's? Gunplay? Exploration? Overall gameplay?

Seems like many people you're hoping it disappoints, at least give a reason why you feel that way.

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