I Need A Metal Gear Solid Complete Collection

You can leave out Metal Gear Survive from the Metal Gear Solid Collection, though. Nobody wants that.

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PhoenixUp8d ago

“Metal Gear Solid released exclusively on the PlayStation 1 before landing on PC in the new millennium; it has appeared sparingly since — nobody is counting the PlayStation Classic here.”

MGS1 was remade on GCN and was rereleased onto PSN along with MGS: VR Missions that’s available for PSP, PS3, & Vita. What’s “sparingly” about that?

“You had a good start with the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection (even if it was a little half-baked PS3 exclusive and now pretty difficult to find as a complete package),”

What’s half baked about the package? In addition to containing every canon game in the series at that point except Portable Ops, it also included English versions of the MGS visual comics for the first time. All that content for $50 was a pretty sweet deal. What more did you want from it?

melons8d ago

- Not on PS4 or other non-PS systems. Not on Steam, for instance. Neither is any MGS prior to V.

- Half-baked in that it wasn't that widely available everywhere, MGS has to be downloaded with a code in the box, also exclusive to PS3.

umair_s517d ago

I think we need a MGS saga collection for PS4 remastered to 4K 60 fps. Of course MGS survive doesn't need to be included

PhoenixUp8d ago

Still doesn’t make it sparingly released. That term would apply to Portable Ops which is wasn’t rereleased on another platform

How does being exclusive make it half baked? You’re criticizing the contents of a package just because it’s not available on other platforms?

harmny7d ago

Konami. You want easy money? This guy is right. Metal gear collection. Especially 4.

awdevoftw7d ago

Personally, I loved metal gear survive.

umair_s517d ago

Never cared about survive, but it's good to know that you enjoyed it

BlaqMagiq17d ago

A MGS4 remaster is NEEDED on PS4.

philm876d ago

Yeah never played it as I was an Xbox360 chump, would love a remaster.

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