State of Decay 2 is in a strong place — what’s next for the survival game?

State of Decay 2 originally launched in May 2018, and there’s never been a relaunch or expansion as comprehensive as No Man Sky’s Next or Sea of Thieves’ Anniversary Update. Now, as part of Xbox Game Pass, State of Decay 2 has been steadily chugging along. The game is at its strongest point yet, and according to developer Undead Labs, currently has its highest player count ever. State of Decay 2 has become a success story, which is especially notable for a single-player game with very limited co-op.

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Kingthrash36040d ago

If state of decay is considered a success story then I fear for the future of xbox gaming.

BLow40d ago

Whatever. Quit hating Sony Pony....

TheSaint40d ago

Do you believe calling someone a Sony pony isn't being a hater?

Dragonscale40d ago

Resorting to insults is such a great counter argument /s.

Kingthrash36039d ago

Tell me.....what exactly am I hating on tho?
The game is kinda wakk....that speaks for itself.

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Epic_Troy40d ago

Have you played the game? If not than ur opinion is irrelevant!!! Btw this game is getting support making it better and better!!!

Saranya40d ago

There's no story in State of Decay series, it's real survivor games.

scoot_n_loot39d ago

Why? Lots of people are playing and enjoying it via gamepass. I'm always surprised at how prominently it's featured on the most played games list. Definitely a fun unique game to play solo with friends. It's not your standard big budget third person linear narrative driven action adventure romp, but may surprise you that those aren't the only games people are into.

LordJamar39d ago

Why do you think it’s a failure? If people are buying it playing it has a active player base what’s wrong with that

nibblo39d ago

Strictly by numbers playing it is a success story. Personally I've enjoyed it quite a bit as well, don't understand the hate.

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BLow40d ago

Hmmm, not even in the top 50. I would love to actually know the numbers. How convenient that left that out.

chiefJohn11740d ago (Edited 40d ago )

They said 5 million players fyi and 90% of that top 50 is well known aaa franchise sequels. Ofc it's not gonna out do red dead and call of duty Quit being a hater. People mad at others success lol

LordJamar39d ago

Wanting a game to fail cause reasons... why do you types exist

Kingthrash36039d ago

I dont think he wants the game to fail....just wants a better game.
Why do you types exist?

Spicyram40d ago

A lot of articial xbox articles coming out I see

Nu40d ago

It's a fun game but needs way more missions and reasons to keep players coming back

yarbie100040d ago

They said the same thing about the first one before the 2nd game came out...

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The story is too old to be commented.