Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Gameplay

This looks amazing as there is now 4K gameplay video of the latest Call of Duty game to enjoy.

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SyntheticForm7d ago

I never thought I'd say I'm stoked to play a Call of Duty game again, but I'm stoked. Additionally, I can finally stop ignoring my Call of Duty friends from nearly a decade ago.

Garethvk7d ago

The word is the company is so excited and confident in this edition that they skipped E3 to save money and focus on it more. Only now are people getting a wide look at it at the L.A. World League this week.

akurtz7d ago

Or cuz Sony has marketing rights for it and they weren’t present at E3?

DrewMetals7d ago

Except they were at e3. They just didn’t have a public showing.

Garethvk7d ago

They were at E3 just not on the main floor. Sony has first look but Activision markets it.

mezati997d ago

the sound design here is top fucking notch

KyRo7d ago

I'm talking about nothing more than sound here, It's a step up for COD that's for sure buts the sound still ain't up to the BFs sound design.

OnlyThoseOnTheFence7d ago

I'm probably alone on this, but I'd rather have Infinite Warfare 2 than a slightly prettier version of the same game they've been making for decades. Still looks good though.

Axecution7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Youre not alone my dude
But tbh id rather CoD keep doing this and then have another Titanfall game to go along with it.

But since Titanfall is nowhere to be found, yeah id love a new infinite warfare. Maybe next year!
This game does look extremely good though. There's nothing to really rip on - they seem to be doing everything right. New engine, better graphics, dedicated servers, a single player campaign, no zombie mode, etc etc

Majin-vegeta7d ago

Gameplay reminds me so much of MOH:Warfighter

swifty17d ago

Man, I loved Medal of Honour. Great FPS games.

OC_MurphysLaw7d ago

I am coming around on this game. Its the new modes that have me more excited. Seeing the more standard games I am less excited as it seems samey even with the nice visuals and audio.

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