EA Is Purging Need for Speed Social Media and YouTube of Past Game References

EA is purging all references to past Need for Speed games over on social media, and more, ahead of the NFS 2019 reveal.

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Atomicjuicer8d ago

I remember when they revealed need for speed payback and it looked like the original The Fast and The Furious.

It looked unbelievably awesome.

Cut to me playing the game and its just one car (I bought one of the special or whatever versions) that looks and handles “ok”. It can’t be modified and everything is a fucking shop and it’s just hours of pointless driving around nothing interesting, excavating husks of cars or something that randomly might be somewhere. Shit music, can’t do a normal bloody race without driving across the entire map manually or spending more virtual currency and do not get my started on the story: you work for an asshole.

So yeah. Get wrecked EA.

DarXyde8d ago

Sounds like a reinvention of the brand, possibly as a reboot.

We'll see how that goes.

excaliburps8d ago

Yep, seems like it. My guess? New NFS is a live services game...

zodiac9098d ago

Ugh can EA & Activision just not exist anymore?

Dragonscale8d ago

No surprise. F*ck nfs give us a new Burnout ea.

DeadlyFire7d ago

Surprised they have not just made a need for speed: Burnout. They don't seem to care.

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The story is too old to be commented.