Randy Pitchford Keeps Sabotaging Gearbox - And It Needs To Stop

There’s just one thing that could bring Borderlands 3 down before it even sees releases, and that's Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford.

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harmny670d ago

He's the owner and CEO. He can do whatever the hell he wants with his property.

JackBNimble670d ago

Well between Pitchford , Take2 and Eps, I won't be giving any of those assholes my money.

harmny670d ago

oh im not spending money on his game. but he can do whatever he wants

D3TH_D33LR669d ago

Hahaha imagine letting a single mans antics sway your view on a game made by hundreds of passionate devs

JackBNimble669d ago

It's not about a single man by the way.
I have principles that I stand by and I will not support douche tactics.
Take2 lost me as a customer, EPS lost me as a customer, and Pitchford is an all around douchebag .

Support whomever you want, but I have standards and I will not bend to bullshit in this industry.

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Ricegum670d ago

Sucks at what? Borderlands is still the greatest shooter looter out there, he's doing just fine.

669d ago
dumahim669d ago

"Sucks at what? Borderlands is still the greatest shooter looter out there, he's doing just fine."

So many disagrees, and not a single person to suggest a shooter looter that is better.

Godmars290669d ago

Or whatever he claims to be his property, like the bonuses his company gets from an outside party regarding work others chiefly did?

TheSaint669d ago

Just because he can, doesn't mean he should.

BenRoxio669d ago

Yeah he can do whatever he wants but tt is bad look when he is frequently in the news

obidanshinobi669d ago

Including running it into the ground.

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Rachel_Alucard670d ago

Reminder he did this stunt at Pax over a few twitter comments

His Ego is bigger then EvaXephon, Phil Fish, and Cliffy B

leemo19670d ago

That's for sure. He helped make a successful franchise, but he thinks because of that his the best, when really most of gearbox games have flopped harder than Waterworld.

669d ago
xX-oldboy-Xx670d ago

This guy is a buffoon - foot in mouth, huge narcissist,
just a cringey bloke all round.

maelstromb669d ago (Edited 669d ago )

You forgot "snake-oil salesman" in your description. This guy would peddle a dead cat to a 5-year old if it meant he could make a buck... "Hey kid, I've got a beautiful Tabby cat here and it's still got 7 lives left! Ignore the guts hanging out of its mouth, it's just actin' cute and playin' dead! Even better - you can spray paint it any color you like! I'm telling you, kid, the options are endless!!"

decapatata670d ago (Edited 670d ago )

This guy diverting funding from Sega/Fox for Alien: Colonial Marines to Borderlands 2 and then basically laughing in everyone's face about it when called out is why Gearbox will never get a dime from me while he is still a shareholder, let alone CEO. It's a shame too because they did such great work porting Halo CE to PC.

669d ago
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