Actually Like Water Levels? Here’s 10 Great Entirely Underwater Games

A look at 10 great games that are basically one never-ending underwater level, from the iconic BioShock to some indie gems.

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sushimama358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

I've hated water levels since the Sega Master System and the NES. Hate them all and in every genre of games. I even hate swimming and diving in open world games. Always my least favourite shit to do.

TheGamez100358d ago

As long as its just not forced and you arent terribly slow, it works well for optional exploration though. I think the last game ive played with diving was kh3 and oh boy did I hate it even though it was quick and easy. Needed to do it to get good items. Man did I hate it in uncharted 4 and last of us too.

porkChop357d ago

The problem with water levels is always the controls and the camera. They never feel right, and it just gets frustrating.

SyntheticForm357d ago

It's a decent game. Exploration and puzzle solving loneliness. If you like exploring and solving puzzles then you may enjoy it.

Nothing spectacular though.

mikefizzled1357d ago

Misleading as both Subnautica games have important plot that requires you to go on land

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