Bribing the Gamer?

Is anyone else worrying more and more over these new TV ads about rewarding players with special in game features if they pre-order said game through GameStop? I (Scott from am just a little. The 'prize' for pre-ordering Guitar Hero: World Tour was unlocking all the in-game songs instantly. If you're too lazy to go through and unlock them all yourself then you're making off like a bandit. The prize for pre-ordering Gears of War 2 was a code to receive a special gold colored weapon. Not bad. The prize for pre-ordering Call of Duty is accessing a special gun way early in the game. This is where I start to get nervous.

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Why o why4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

just smart business.

(duffel bags are bribes;)

Megaton4043d ago

Yeah, duffel bags with $800 worth of stuff given to reviewers are bribes.

Gun skins and early unlocks for games aren't bribes, just incentive to pre-order. I would prefer GameStop lose their stranglehold on this concept though, since I'm not a fan of theirs, to put it lightly.

thisguywithhair4043d ago

GS isn't the only one. FutureShop gave you a Nariko costume for LBP if you pre-ordered through them.

Nitrowolf24043d ago

Not bribing like comment 1 said.
Basicly you get 2 things you get the extra and you get to ensure that you have a copy for that day so they dont run out. I didnt get LBP until 4 days after it released. Was planning on pre-ordering just didnt.

PureGamer4043d ago

the gears gold weps look really bad anyway so its not really a bribe :p

player9114043d ago

You only get the gold warhammer, which an ok weapon, and it's online only.

It is kinda neat to play online and see guys with a gold gun, and know they've been around for a while.

If they were REALLY smart... they woulda made it a Golden Lancer. You KNOW everyone woulda preordered that hands down. Everyone uses the lancer anyway.

moja4043d ago

I thought the money put down for a preorder was applied to the purchase price? Could be wrong. Anyway, even though it annoys me it's just smart business - as long as it doesn't give edge over those who buy the same game on release day. Maybe a character skin wearing nothing but Gamestop underwear and lucha libre mask.

CrippleH4043d ago

It's not a bribe to me. Bribe is giving something in order to get it your way.

Since the customers are purchasing it anyways that's not a bribe.

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