Xbox Game Pass 'quadrupled' Descenders sales says developer Mike Ross

Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription service that gives you immediate access to over 100 games for $10 a month. You can even bundle Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass for PC, and Xbox Live Gold together with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $15 a month.

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yarbie10001392d ago

because no one had ever heard of it

DaDrunkenJester1392d ago

Yep GamePass is great for indies and for those that cant afford some of the bigger AAA games.

Nasdac1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Rephrase : GamePass is Great for Indies, Third Party Games and for those who cant afford some mediocre or worst exclusive AAA games.

Halo is not the same after Bungie
Gears is not the same after Epic
And Forza is Forza, that's good but yearly unnecessary.

DJStotty1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )


So Metro Exodus, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil are mediocre?

Not including Monster Hunter World, Black Desert Online?

Bad AAA exclusives or not, they dont cost a penny

Obscure_Observer1391d ago

I knew this GOOD news would trigger some people.

Unspoken1392d ago

That's a bingo!

Haters don't even care which indie dev does and doesn't make it, as long as it's not on Xbox, am I right?

Kumakai1391d ago

exactly. and thats why subscription services are good for smaller devs. more exposure. ppl like to tout doom and gloom but most of the ppl i talk to say its actually great for them.

lxeasy1391d ago

Goes to show show you how amazing Xbox GamePass is. I literally got into Monster Hunter because of GamePass. And now I am buying the new expansion. This would have never happened if it weren't for GamePass.

coolbeans1391d ago

You just--accidentally--gave one of the biggest endorsements for Game Pass and its benefits for indies.

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Rude-ro1392d ago

How does it boost sales when you are playing it for a monthly fee in a shared pool?
And let’s say it’s due to players that opted into the pass.. played said game then bought it...
Then that is basically a monthly fee for a demo... of which, demos work. Has since the beginning of time.

Why hide it behind a “game pass”?
Developers would be rewarded more for releasing demos on a platform that helps boost recognition vs commercialism and pay walls.

But that is just consumer friendly..,so I get why a company would not do so.

CaptainCook1392d ago

"Hw does it boost sales when you are playing it for a monthly fee in a shared pool? "

You'll get 20% off games and 10% off DCs when your subscribed to Xbox Game Pass.

Rude-ro1391d ago

And? That is less money than just releasing a demo for players to get a taste. No?

DiRtY1391d ago


I think the developers know what they are doing -.-

DJStotty1391d ago


The developers get a nice cheque for having their game on gamepass.

Also some games that players otherwise would not have played, get played and then bought.

You get a discount on the games when they are leaving gamepass if you want to keep them.

Think if it as a "timed" release of the game, where it is available to play for free for a short window.

spicelicka1392d ago

Because demos aren't better promotional tools than Gamepass, you barely even see them advertised, and when they are it's just one tile in the marketplace section saying "demo available".

As the developer says, on Gamepass there is so much more exposure because when Gamepass itself is advertised its games vicariously get promoted, it has its own page on the dashboard, and people spend a lot of time scrolling through Gamepass lists.

I don't know exactly how it works either but a developer saying is really good assuming it's genuine.

DaDrunkenJester1392d ago

For one, GamePass you get the entire game with achievements unlike a demo. And the thing about GamePass is I doubt anyone signed up just for descenders. They likely signed up for others games, found descenders, had a great time going through the game, and once their GP sub was ending they just bought the game with a %20 discount. They likely bought other games with that discount as well. Depending on how many games they tried out on the pass and bought afterwards, the $10 they spent on GP was probably a wash anyway with the 20% discounts.

Its not the first game that has said GP helped sales. Likely wont be the last. It's a great service for small indie devs to get noticed on.

Rude-ro1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

For one, the article says “quadrupled sales”... game pass is not sales. It is a shared pool.
If they are referring to people buying the game for getting to try it., you are describing a paid for demo that brought awareness to the games existence. A glorified demo.

So, the title is very misleading... or it is contradicting itself with said paid demo page hidden as a “service”.

How demos are presented are under full control on consoles.

So, being the misleading title... it is pr fluff... nothing less. Even from said developers. The article itself is promoting the game for a paid service with said quote.

Money and power does not care about being honest.

1391d ago
Grown Folks Talk1391d ago

You can BUY the game through Game Pass. So people play it via the subscription THEN choose to buy it to own forever. It's not hard.

DJStotty1391d ago


A demo, is a small "portion", this could be a level, a timed trial.

Not a full game with achievements and DLC.

Hope this helped you out in your analogy of gamepass.

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Kribwalker1391d ago

For one, the dev says it’s free advertising having it on gamepass so that helps. 2nd, some people, myself included, enjoy the game so much, they’ll buy it with the discount so they can keep it, even after it leaves gamepass

Kumakai1391d ago

if you have gamepass you can buy games for discounted gamepass pricing. its not "hiding" it. the games are also available in the microsoft store but gamepass essentially turns the entire library of games into risk free trials. see a game, download and play it risk free. if you love it, you can buy it to keep forever for a discounted price.

i love how ppl hate on gamepass and they don't even know the details. thats fanboyism.

DJStotty1391d ago


I have been with gamepass for months now, i am yet to buy a game. I just complete it before it leaves the service.

The service has also exposed me to games i never even thought of playing, be it golf, Grid, graveyard keeper (addictive) and plenty of others.

Installed 63, ready to install 138

well worth the money

rainslacker1391d ago

"Why hide it behind a “game pass”?"

While I agree with the notion of "demo's work", Game pass isn't really a demo service. It's a full access to a game service. Demo's are typically short sections of the game for one to try out, and may not always give a long enough representation of the game to entice people to buy. Demo's can be costly to make sometimes, and nowadays, releasing the demo's on console cost money for compliance licensing, which is why there aren't as many of them.

"Hiding" these games behind game pass gives the developer/publisher money to have the full game on there. In turn, that can give exposure to the game.

Further, there is the psychological aspect that the consumer can see more value in a game on a service like game pass, as opposed to just stumbling across the demo on the store, or hearing about it through media/word of mouth.

DillyDilly1391d ago

If people like a game they buy it. Especially knowing sooner or later any game can get rotated out (no difference than Netflix etc) so yes this can help Indie games

TK-661391d ago

You've literally written a paragraph trying to spin this into a negative. XGP managed to improve sales of a game and you can't just be content with that can you?

GtPawnSacrifices1391d ago

An game shows up on your store for $20
(Publishers take their cut, let’s say half for simplicity, leaving the Devs with $10 per game sold)
Via GamePass MS will either give the Devs 1 lump sum of cash for a lease.
Or will pay an agreed amount per download.

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King_Noctis1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

What’s funny is some people on this site (including you) seem to think they know more than the devs even when the devs THEMSELVES clearly stated how Gamepass has helped with their sales.

SamPao1392d ago

They talked about the advertisment, because the game is on the pass it gets featured on the dashboard all the time.

DaDrunkenJester1392d ago

Yep, for instance I have never heard of Supermarket Shriek, but I was scrolling through the newly added games, saw it, thought it would be fun to play with the kids and sure enough they ended up liking it. When it's on GamePass there is no downside to trying out a bunch of games you wouldn't have bought normally.

SamPao1392d ago

yeah the accessibility is one thing, but here its specifically talking about customers that dont even have the pass, because why else would anyone even buy the game if its on the gp.
If they show the games constantly on the dashboard, its basicly just them advertising the games. Not necessarily the gp, but the games themselfs.

DaDrunkenJester1392d ago

That's true, but you can say that is another benefit of having your game on GP... overall exposure to those ON GP and those who are just browsing. Regardless it's additional advertising and getting your game in front of people.

rainslacker1391d ago

I think the idea shows that having a good rotation of these games outside of game pass, like on the store front, or on the dash board if they're still doing tiles there, goes a long way for exposure. There is less to wade through on Game Pass though, but the downside for the consumer is that there is less choice as well.(Not a statement of negativity towards GP).

That notion is one thing that is a problem on places like Apple's or Googles mobile store fronts. They limit what is shown front and center to highlighted games they pick, or games publishers pay to be there. When they get highlighted, they get more sales, otherwise they get lost in the deluge of all the other content available.

There's not a lot of easy fixes when there is a lot of content to try and maintain exposure for, and given that many games still get publisher paid funding to put front and center, and companies are going to use that to make money, it's unlikely anything is going to change to any great degree.

Kribwalker1392d ago

Gamepass is good for devs and boosts sales? You don’t say.

I love the ability to play the wide variety of games on there and with companies seeing returns like this, it’s no wonder gamepass keeps getting so many new games

gangsta_red1392d ago

I personally wouldn't have ever played half the games on my own if it wasn't for them being on Gamepass. (Ruiner, Shante, Edith Finch, etc)

So it's good to hear that having games on GP is actually a benefit because it is in a sense free advertisement and could potentially help sales of a game.

*Added disclaimer*...I'm sure this won't be the case for all games but it's good to read that for little games like this one, Game Pass is benefiting both the developer and gamers.

Kribwalker1391d ago

it really seems like it’s creating a healthier games industry when these small devs can benefit from something like gamepass