Grid 2 Is No Longer Available for Digital Purchasing

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Jimboms1263d ago

I was literally about to buy this, mental!

Marcello1263d ago

Well you only had 6 years. Where you been ? on the bog ?

CaptainCook1263d ago

At least you can get the physical version

Lon3wolf1263d ago

Shame, they were giving it away on PC for free recently, that's how I got mine :)

darthv721263d ago

I already have it on disc for 360 so you can still get on physical but those who didnt get on digital... you snooze you lose.

Lon3wolf1263d ago

Indeed and if you are a PC gamer they were giving it away free recently so no excuse :D

Goldenhawk5211263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Ugh, damn glad I bought that game with all the dlc when it was on sale. I almost didn't buy it. At least give us a heads up before removing the game? I can't just add to cart because I currently feel like playing the game at the time. Now I add to cart from the fear of it being d-listed without notice. Just like ACIII and TDU 2. I had Alpha Protocol on my wishlist and then that suddenly got removed silently and now it's too late!

1263d ago