The Armchair Empire: Tales of Vesperia Review

The Armchair Empire writes: "With all the action titles dropping this quarter, it's nice to get a few RPG titles out. Tales of Vesperia holds similarities to both genres – not quite an action title, a little too watered down to be an RPG. Not that there's anything wrong with multi-tasking, just be warned that's what you are getting when you pick it up. All battles take place in a melee format – characters and enemies are kept in an encircled barrier until someone wins or flees. You can have up to 4 people control characters during fights, otherwise the computer will control all supporting characters."

The Good:
+ Excellent co-op mode included
+ Don't feel like grinding? You can buy those levels now

The Bad:
- About as hard as a speak-and-say.
- No Japanese language options? Are you kidding me?
- No replay value

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