Why I Love Wolfenstein New Order and New Colossus

BY MOSHE SWEET: When the Wolfenstein series was rebooted a couple of years back, I’ll be honest, I didn’t care. I didn’t grow up playing the OG game and pretty much ignored every single iteration up until the reboot. Even when I picked up New Order in 2014, the horrendous intro almost made me give up on it. Thankfully I stuck with it because I fell in love and Wolfenstein quickly became my favorite video game franchise. I’m not joking, this current run of Wolfenstein games hold my highest regards and every single-player, narrative-driven, game is compared to it.

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Sciurus_vulgaris239d ago

I personally thoroughly enjoyed the New Order and Old Blood. However, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, is one of the poorest sequels I have ever played. It improves on nothing from the New Order ignoring graphics. Wolfenstein 2 seemed to double-down on the issues I had with it predecessors whilst introducing more flaws.

AK91238d ago

Agreed loved Wolf TNO & TOB but Wolf 2 was one of the most disappointing sequels I've ever played.

KyRo238d ago

What? The second game was leaps and bounds better than the first. Okay it was a lot shorter but the gameplay and gun play were incredible and a significantly big jump from the first. I loved the first but it feels dated already when you go back to it.

Elda238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

I've enjoyed them all though the sequel was a little lackluster than the first 2. I'm enjoying Youngblood though it's not on the level of the first 2 games as

AK91238d ago

I love the New Order and the Old Blood but the New Colossus was awful.

Inzo238d ago

New Colossus was nothing but a pandering mess.

TheColbertinator238d ago

New Colossus felt bland by the end.

Youngblood and New Order had some real fun levels thankfully. So happy to see Wolfenstein providing quality Nazi purging goodness.

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