Pokémon 'Dragonite' Free Giveaway at Toys 'R' Us

Ripten writes:

"I don't follow Pokémon and don't completely understand this, but apparently it's a pretty big deal. Head to your friendly neighborhood Toys 'R' Us this weekend with your DS and a Pokémon Diamond or Pearl Game Card, and you will be able to digitally download a unique level 50 Dragonite. What's so special about that?"

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Twizlex4044d ago

A unique max level thing you can use in tournaments? Sounds pretty big if you're into that.

Bnet3434043d ago

When I read this, it felt like I warped back to 1998. Dear old Pokemon, how used to love thee.

CloudsEnd4043d ago

Damn you !! There is not such a Event in my Toys'r'us!!

Uguu, i wouldnt get there anyway.

Noctis Lucis Caelum4043d ago

Dragonite isn't my favorite pokemon, I'll passed

urban bohemian4043d ago

Glad to see its still going strong. Pokemon Red - Original Gameboy FTW.

ArtisianDragon4043d ago

Man they are still doing this? For the most part are they still doing the pokemon league thing at Books-A-Million? That was pretty nice and having those little badges :3

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