1UP: Tabula Rasa is now $1

You may be reading that title up there and thinking that's a typo -- like 1UP must have forgotten a zero or something. And you'd be right, 1UP did forget something: not to round up.
Richard Garriot's Tabula Rasa has fallen on hard times lately -- what with other high-profile MMOs like Age of Conan and Warhammer Online stealing away their thunder -- but 1UP doesn't think they realized quite how far the game has been sinking. Many retailers, including Gamestop, have stopped carrying the game altogether, but the clearest indicator that all is not well with NCSoft's space MMO probably comes from Amazon. Right now, the online retailer has dropped the price of Tabula Rasa to $0.96 (and once again, no, that's not a typo).

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DeadlyFire3655d ago

Wouldn't be so bad if it were a free 2 play MMO. I believe. I thought about getting this when I saw it, but I couldn't pay the monthly fee to play it.

Sito3655d ago

Still Garriot could blow a 50 million dollars or whatever going into space the game must have made some money atleast.

Elven63655d ago

None of the money was his, he had to secure funding for the trip, that's why he had to do all those experiments in space, people paid for it.

Sarcasm3655d ago

NCsoft needs to get up off their butts and announce a PS3 game already.

Cheeseknight283655d ago

"Tabula Rasa has fallen on hard times lately -- what with other high-profile MMOs like Age of Conan..."

Lol? Age of Conan probably sank faster than TR did. Warhammer has a decent install base now, but the market belongs to Blizzard.

Elven63655d ago

War Hammer is declining now as well, soon it will join the ranks of Conan as well, which is a shame.

Somehow, Acclaim MMO's are doing really well, I guess people really do want free. :p

Jager3642d ago

Hell ya, i still play GWs, and im getting GW 2 day one if its free to play... i hate pay to play games... besides, i bet if they screwed the montly fee, TR would see a rise in sales... dont know how much 1 dollar per game would get them tho :P