Someone Killed The Chainsaw Guy In Resident Evil 4 Using Only A Door

In Resident Evil 4 players have a huge variety of weapons and attacks to choose from. But YouTuber Dante Ravioli decided to use something very different to kill one of the most famous enemies in the game. Instead of a shotgun or pistol, they kicked a door into the chainsaw guy’s face a few dozen times. Surprisingly, this worked.

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Nacho_Z613d ago

Oddly fascinating, reminds me of some of my Dark Souls cheese like killing Havel through a door or firing 600 wooden arrows into a dragon.

In some ways I wish they'd move on from such things and make AI clever enough to avoid it but it is quite satisfying working out how to game the system.

yoshatabi612d ago

Lmao I remember doing the same thing. It was fun.

sprinterboy612d ago

You didn't though did you. Come on now kid own up.

esherwood612d ago

Don’t think I could have made it through dark souls without cheesing it

Leeroyw613d ago

Slightly misleading headline. Kicking doors into enemies on Re4 damages them slightly. This person just did it. A LOT.

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Neonridr612d ago (Edited 612d ago )

"Someone Killed The Chainsaw Guy In Resident Evil 4 Using Only A Door"

they did exactly that

Leeroyw612d ago

Put your pitchforks away. All I meant was that reading the headline you might think he did it in one hit. Slow news day obviously. Here we are talking about a door.

Neonridr611d ago

@Leeroyw - a door capable of murdering someone :P

KwietStorm_BLM612d ago

Generally speaking, throwing a stone at someone will just annoy, or possibly enrage them. Might even leave a scar. Being stoned to death, will kill them dead, in the most deadest sense of the word. Nothing misleading about it.

KaaF613d ago

Pshh, see a boss killed with a door... for 2 hours:

dillydadally612d ago

I know, right? This is the quality content I come here for!

Malice-Flare612d ago

a dozen times would do it...

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The story is too old to be commented.