Square Enix Reports Amazing First Quarter Financial Results

The Final Fantasy franchise pushes the company past $500 million of sales

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Myst-Vearn41d ago

good to see Final Fantasy brand is still very strong. FFVII will make them even more money.

S2Killinit41d ago

Thats good news. Glad they are hitting the mark again.

AK9141d ago

Glad to hear it, I'm sure this is largely due to FF14 but that's fine with me from what I here that game is rad.

ZAF41d ago

There new FFXIV expansion has one of the best FF stories i ever played, awesome work SE.

MeteorPanda41d ago

stop taking our sub money to use in other games and put more funding into 14, it's literally the noly thing keeping you afloat to make all your projects :C

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