The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Unreal Engine 4 fan remake looks stunning in latest videos

CryZENx has released some new videos from his fan remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time in Unreal Engine 4.

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CorndogBurglar614d ago

Why do people even bother with fan-made Nintendo projects? Everyone knows Nintendo will just shut it down the second its placed online for people to play.

614d ago
OMGitzThatGuy614d ago

I don't think any of them go in these projects with the sole objective of putting out a finished product, it's most likely people that are searching for full time jobs in the gaming industry and remaking big games like Zelda and Mario is a easy way for people to click on their videos and check out their work. A portfolio of sorts. Nintendo can't stop the creation of fan projects but they can stop the distribution.

ShadowWolf712614d ago

Creating your own unique work is actually far more likely to impress and get you noticed in that industry tbh, but I can see why some might think it's a shortcut.

BanginTunes777614d ago

Nah it looks horrible like all of these "Classic Game in Unreal 4" videos do.

watchem614d ago

I totally agree. The characters are floaty and like you said, it looks horrible.

bishup25613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

yet gamers go nuts over something like Octopath Traveler. which is Unreal engine 4 based as well.
i guess gamers will only buy into visuals if it's intentionally held back.

quent614d ago

Looks dull and souless, like everything UE4 related

BLizardXD614d ago (Edited 614d ago )

"Looks dull and souless, like everything UE4 related"

that applies to Days gone, FFVII Remake, Guilty Gear Next, Hidden Agenda, Hell Blade, yoshi's crafted world, and Spyro reignited trilogy. you can click that disagree button to help support the truth.

CorndogBurglar613d ago

Haha. Classic.

I hit the agree button. But I want you to know it's because I do agree with you, even though you're spot on about that disagree button 90% of the time lol

613d ago
Tech5614d ago (Edited 614d ago )

UE4 is definitely not the problem. It's what the artists make of it.
most Indies don't have $3,000 worth of mo-cap tech. nor do they have money to pay for actors.
where most privately funded studios excel in.

In order to have the best mo-cap one would need to use additional 3rd party software injunction with UE4.
Such as the HMC tech from Cubic Motion
(which is used in games such as Ryse, Hell Blade, the Order 1886, Spiderman, Until dawn, hidden agenda, Dark Pictures, and RE2 remake, and DMCV.) all of the modern games have greatly benefited from it.

Iceman100x614d ago

i rather nintendo make it themselves

Orionsangel614d ago

At this point any smart company that wants to make money like Nintendo would embrace the project and offer to work on it and make it official, but no Nintendo will sue instead.

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