More details announced by Blizzard for WoW Classic

Players with an active subscription on their World of Warcraft account can reserve their character names by creating up to three WoW Classic characters.

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Community73d ago
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Dabigsiebowski73d ago

The amount of shills lined up for this. We saw where the game headed and now they want to go back. Lol Jesus can we get a true next big mmo already? Oh wait that seems to be shadowbringers

naruga73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

can Activision financially fail and completely close alltogether , instead of filling the market BS franchises ?? (and also un-chain Crash Bandicoot and Spyro in order to be bought by Sony)

Dabigsiebowski73d ago

I mean it's one thing to blame activision for sure which I agree with. However I blame the fucking Morons that do buy into this bs. people are idiots and the people who play these games have no room to talk when it comes to getting watered down games that expect you to pay more to fill the package.

Mulletino73d ago

Yes people will play for a day or two and then remember how lame it was spamming chat for dungeons or not having a mount until level 40 which took 20 hours at least to get to. And let’s not forget wondering around looking for quests/turn in locations.

I’m guessing they’ll have it play exactly as the original for a while and then they’ll start selling boosted characters and start selling you the quality of life features you’re currently enjoying in the current game.

-extra xp potions
-twink gear
-mount at lvl 20
-auto health mana potions for out of combat
- “gold farmer” npc where you can buy gold.

Gamehard73d ago

It's nostalgia fueling it for alot of people. The idea of going back to the game in it's original form sounds like it could be a nice change right now compared to how the game is in its current state. But I bet that nostalgia will turn into annoyance pretty fast for most people that played vanilla back in the day. It's such a grind and most people don't have the same amount of time to be able to commit to something like that as they did 15 years ago or whatever.

Still, it's more or less just an added feature to play the game a different way. It doesn't require an extra purchase if you're already paying the monthly fee. I agree though, Blizzard should have had an actual new MMO announced YEARS ago by now and close to being released.

Swiftfox72d ago

I never got the chance to play vanilla World of Warcraft when it released. About a year ago I jumped into a private server to see what all the praise was about and, honestly, I found the praise warranted. It was a very different game back then and, for new players, I think that's part of the allure--it's a bit of a time capsule. Honestly, though I feel ActivisionBlizzard HAD to do this or they wouldn't have had a legal leg to stand on against private servers concerning how U.S law defines games as goods.

Yes, people may not have the same amount of time as 15 years ago, but here's the thing--we make time for what we enjoy. That's the difference between hardcore players and casual players. I heard of people spending countless hours in Overwatch, or Mario Maker, or CoD, or Street Fighter V, it's how they want to spend their time. Classic WoW is a grind but at least it's a grind designed to pace progress through content rather than to try to sell loot boxes or items in a cash shop. Who knows, the modern gamers might find this antiquated psychological trap system of Classic Wow doesn't reward them like the acid paced, food pellet games we have these days. I don't know, I find the game charming and look forward to playing it in its entirety~

Oh and Blizzard were creating an MMO but scrapped it to turn it into Overwatch to Trojan horse lootboxes into the mainstream. Why dump billions into an MMO for meager gains when you can spend 1/50th on a game and pump it full of gambling! =D So I doubt we'll see anything like Classic Wow ever again.

Gamehard72d ago


Oh I agree and the game was imo, in a much better state back during vanilla and burning crusade. I have alot of fond memories playing it during that time, so I'm going to give it a go and see how I feel about it now. I just know as far as the end game raiding is concerned, I'm not able to really schedule around a guild raid time like I was back then. Vanilla WOW at the time was actually more fun in the journey of getting to level 60 and enjoying the content along the way than it was actually doing endgame imo.

CorndogBurglar73d ago

Is it too much to ask for a friggin Warcraft 4 already?