Rockstar Games Confirms Global Delay for Grand Theft Auto IV on PC

To begin with, in the latest Rockstar Games Broadcast Newsletter, they have confirmed that the USA release date for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV is the 2nd December 2008...

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chaosatom3684d ago

wasn't rockstar working on dlc or something instead of a pc version?

Conan9973684d ago

on their plate right now. thats why the DLC isn't here yet, they're making a PC version, added trophies and making new DLC for the 360.

Charmers3684d ago

I disagreed with you Conan997 because the PC version of GTA4 is not being done by Rockstar North. Instead the ground up re-build of the game for thee PC is being done by Rockstar Toronto. So the PC version has nothing to do with why the DLC isn't here yet.

killalot1003684d ago

i think the timing is better because to many games to get this month and we finally have a real release date. i just hope they iron out as many bugs a possible because i am starting to get tired of all this games being released buggy on pc. the only that i had in a long time that has not gave me any problems is fallout 3.