Left4Dead not coming to PS3 (confirmed)

Quote from site:

"It has been confirmed to us today that Left4Dead will not be coming to PS3 despite rumors.

Speaking to us at a Microsoft event, Chet Faliszek of Valve said when asked "Many people say that they heard rumours that Left4Dead is coming to PS3, however despite telling them this isn't true they still don't believe us, what more can we say than it is not"".

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sonarus4053d ago

lol like we haven't heard that before

chaosatom4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

They say it because they need some 'special attention' for their game.

If it was multiplatform, nobody would care.

4053d ago
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

...Left4Dead!!! ;-D

Valve??? That reminds me...Watch out for -
'Fat Princess:Gabe Newell eats all the Pies'
coming soon on the PS3!!! ;-D

+If any PS3 owners want this game just get the P.C Version???
99% of the Rubbish on the xBox 360 you can get for your P.C anyway!!! ;-D

Leafs1174053d ago

you do realize that when you buy these games for PC, your still giving money to MS. It says "Games For Windows" meaning that MS has not one platform out this gen, but TWO platforms, the PC and the 360. So if you and your fellow fanboys go out and buy this game for PC thinking "I'm screwing MS because I'm not buying it for the 360," your not. This game is an MS exclusive, and regardless of what you think you can do. If you want to play this, you HAVE to help MS.

heyheyhey4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

"you HAVE to help MS."

haha, torrents say hi... and so does Steam... i don't have to pay Microsoft sh!t if i buy the game of Steam (which i will)

in fact, i don't HAVE to pay Microsoft for any of their games... the torrent for Gears 2 went out WEEKS ago

or i could borrow L4D from a friend and use a disc emulator..

i've sworn never to give Microsh!t any of my money ever again and i plan on sticking to that....

EDIT: disagrees eh? so you think i have to pay Microsoft to play L4D???

ok then, watch when it releases and i download it off Steam or even worse... torrent it just to piss off the people who disagreed

-Maverick-4053d ago

LOL It would have been the crappy PS3rd version anyways... just like Orange Box, Bioshock, Fallout 3 and 98% of all multiplatform titles.


Last place garbage hahaha

BTW Left 4 Dead is going to be AAA just like Gears 2 and Fable 2 : )

XBox 360 rules.

PS3= Nothing but flops and a sackboy for homosexuals!! hahaha

aka Gaystation 3, Asianstation to the 3rd power hahahhaa

ravinshield4053d ago

omg i would love to have you in front of me so i can beat the #@$$ out of you

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4053d ago

Yeah i know that!!! ;-D
Guess how many 'Games for Windows' games i got??? NONE!!! ;-D
So i'm not going to help those SCUM-BAGS, I DON'T HAVE TO!!! ;-D
+heyheyhey is right, can't you just download them illegally???

So;) i'll say -

+If any PS3 owners want this game just get the illegal downloaded P.C Version!!! ;-D Thanks for that!!!

If that 'Boned' was for me???, at least i don't get Boned by M$ every year having to PAY to play online games!!! ;-D
Bend over and take it like a Man(Well unless your God CliffyB says Bend over, then it's Bend over and take it like a...) ;-D

4053d ago
BanjoKazooieFTW4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Yes it was. Because he boned you.
End of story. Oh no. I spent 35 dollars for a year. GOOD GOD NO!! SO MUCH MONEY!

You get what you pay for. Have fun giving more money to MS so you can give 360 gamers better games.

Thanks for your donation to microsoft, Ken. I'll be getting even higher-quality games now.

zag4053d ago

Games for winodows is only something that MS made so that a Dev pays MS to check and make sure it won't screw over windows or cause unknown problems.

A dev can pay but it doesn't mean much, many PC games have "Games for windows" but it more like a made in china type sticker.

All 360 games will be Games for windows as the 360 is a gimped PC, have you played any 360 then ported to PC f*ck me are they bloody limited small zooming poor textures etc game engine looks like it's about to fall a part etc because the PC is pushing it too hard.

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yoghurt4053d ago

exactly, of course its coming...

St04053d ago

"at a Microsoft event"

You do know there only saying that so you go and buy a 360 to play it right?, all UK online stores have L4D for pre-order for PS3

chaosatom4053d ago


Oh man i can't stop laughing....100%......

it is also coming out on the PC.

Nothing on xbox is 100% exclusive. lol. PC is always there to steal.

Leafs1174053d ago

even if you buy it for PC, your still giving MS your money xD

ultimolu4053d ago

Yes, because you're going to say the game is coming to the PS3 at a Microsoft event. -__-

I don't see what's the big hype for this game anyway. I would rather wait for RE5 and I have more than enough games this holiday season to keep me happy.

Bladestar4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

@chaosatom - let me put that in a term that will make you happier....

It's 100% Microsoft platform exclusive... like God of war being released on the PSP and the PS2 and in the future in the PS3.... get it?

The only reason why Microsoft allow many of these games on the PC is because it benefit the developer (why do you think Valve loves the xbox 360?) and benefit Microsoft as far as making money is concern... besides.. it's a great strategy since many anti-xbox people (like yourself) ignore completely that Windows/PC is a microsoft platform and microsoft benefit from you buying games labeled (Games for Windows)... and this do not benefit Sony one bit... because these games will never see the light on a Sony platform.

This shouldn't come as a surprise Valve will not touch the PS3... they rather have EA port the games for them... they are primarily a PC developer... and since the xbox 360 is so similar why not? but the PS3 is so far from PC development that Valve finds no value in bothering with it. They stated that many times... get over it.

Darkseider4053d ago

Oooh good. So when it comes to PC I can run it on Linux using WINE and it will no longer be exclusive to MS platforms! WOOT!! Open Source FTW!

Leafs1174053d ago

You still realize that by buying this game, you still give MS money, right?

warfed4053d ago

MS doesn't get money from 3rd party games... but they can say that it's only available on their system, that's how it's good for them.

Fox014053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

It'll probably come to the PS3, but that won't be until next year and it will be a bad port, just like The Orange Box. PS3 only users, my advise to you guys will be to buy the game for your PC.
I hope your PC runs it though.
And have fun playing online with people that don't have mic... oups, that's basically PSN.

BattleAxe4053d ago

Lost opportunity for Valve. These guys have absolutely no business sense.

4053d ago
Fox014053d ago

LMAO @ 1.5.
Look at all the shyt you have to go through; you really are a masochist.

At least the X360 owners have the choice (something you aren't use to yet)... either to get it on PC or 360.

pwnsause4053d ago

"You still realize that by buying this game, you still give MS money, right?"

Your not giving money to MS, your giving money to Valve.

Peow4053d ago

"because these games will never see the light on a Sony platform. "

Well, if you count Sony PC's it is in a sense on a Sony platform. While I do understand what you're saying still, just making a point.

And at whoever says no matter what buying this game gives MS money, what about pirates? What if someone is pirating Windows while pirating this game. What happens then? HUH?! HUH?! HUH?!

La Chance4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

none of you ps3 diehards buy 360 games for PC.I bet 2% only buy those games on PC

Proof : Bioshock.

All you guys were yapping about "crappy port" bla bla bla.Why didnt you get it on PC one year earlier and for cheaper ? Why wait for the PS3 version one year later and at 60 bucks ? Well because you dont play on your PC

You guys never play on PC otherwise rather than playing a crappy version of Fallout 3 for 60 bucks you could get the excellent PC version for 50 bucks.

You guys go through all that trouble : waiting a year and paying full price , playing crappy versions rather than getting them on PC.

And why do you guys want a game like Mass Effect for instance on PS3 ? Why dont you just get the PC version ?

And why not just get the PC version of Half Life 2: Orange Box rather than putting up petitions and whining all over the internet ? WHY ?

That simply means you guys actually dont play on PC but just yap on N4G because youre frustrated with your PS3.

Tony P4053d ago

This CAN'T be shocking.

Valve has a very public disdain for the PS3 or I get the sense of that when their representatives constantly talk nonsense about it. I thought about posting links, but anyone can google "Valve PS3". First page.

I get the feeling that Valve has absolutely no desire to transplant the game to PS3 and I wouldn't want them to with that attitude.

FCC4053d ago

Exactly, you are absolutely 100% correct. They just say it, they usually don't actually do it though, 8/10 times, they probably don't buy it for PC. It's just pure spite and and jealousy and frustration whenever one says so. It's ridiculous, I mean I'd be sort of pissed off if a game wasn't coming to my system but is going to every other system that can play it.

Oh BTW, if anyone was ever wondering, Left 4 Dead is f*cking Multiplayer GOTY for sure. I got the demo key for free from the Gamestop code redemption site and it's amazing.

You will never encounter a zombie in the same spot ever. No scenario is the same once. I went down some stairs and there was a Boomer and 6 zombies on the bottom of the stairs and the Boomer vomited all over me. I hear the bumblebee music thing meaning a horde is coming so I backtrack up the stairs and close the door. From there I hear footsteps, loud creaking noises and the door gets holes punched into them and I see zombies. I'm still blind and the door finally breaks open and you see AT LEAST 23+ zombies rush through that doorway. My friends and I were tripping right the f*ck out. This was on the 360 version.

JoySticksFTW4053d ago

I'm not saying that the game will suck by any means. I'd just be worried about a weak port of the game.

If it does come out for PS3, I wouldn't rush right out for this game. Wait for a review that you trust to give you bug details, if any. Or at the very least, rent the game first.

Valve games maybe fun, but their ports to PS3 (out-sourced to EA) don't have the best track record.

IdleLeeSiuLung4053d ago

Remember when MGS4 was released on pre-order for the 360 at an online retailer? Do we see a MGS4 on the 360 now? NO....

I tend to believe the developer that the game is not coming to PS3 over some hunch or rumour. I must point out that the developer didn't say "have no plans at the moment" and similar statement that suggest that it only applies to now. Which make it even less likely that it will come to the PS3. The good news is that Valve have in the past made statements that multiplatform is the only way to go to profit from a game. So PS3 people, start a petition and you might just see it this time next year. G'luck!

thewhoopimen4053d ago

Remember Valve didn't release the Orange Box for the ps3, so they aren't likely going to change their stance at this point... But to say EA won't release it for the PS3 when they're a huge money grubbing publishing house is to claim ignorance. EA released Orange box for the Ps3... why wouldn't they release Left4Dead for the PS3 as well? That's 16 million players that would potentially buy this game.

LastDance4053d ago

"Lost opportunity for Valve. These guys have absolutely no business sense."

If that is so, you could say that for any game company that doesnt go multi platform.

xwabbit4053d ago

Developers so dumb to think that in PC would sell anything near PS3 sales ? everything on PC gets pirated

gololo4053d ago

Wine is awesome...but I think it's also worth checking out Codeweaver's Crossover (it's not open source though ) is awesome and it runs windows games on Linux/Macs

Mr Fancy Pants4053d ago

but is not the same GOD game.

anyway, i was watching the demo or something of Left4Dead on and it looks really cool. i was hoping for a PS3 release but now that i know that is not comment well too bad.

vhero4052d ago

I'm sorry but who is this site?? I mean its not like its IGN or gamespot?? this is some nobody reporting on his 2 bit website from a guy he says he met at a MICROSOFT EVENT?!!?! you see whats wrong here?? still take it as a rumour..

godofthunder104052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

I have a 360 and i love it and wouldn't trade it for a ps3 for anything.I will admit that the 360 have a high defect rate but i bought mine at launch and i never had one problem yet.People have different oppinions and some like the ps3 more and i hope that they enjoy it.I will also admit that the ps3 is the most dependable console ever made.The fact is that they are both good systems and every one should be able to play all the games.I wish that left for dead was on the ps3 for ever one to enjoy it if they like that kind of games.

I've read one article where a ps3 fanboy was laughing and saying that the 360 doesn't have any exclusive because it's on the pc to.The fact is that the 360 and pc are both microsoft producs.The fact is that the ps3 have games that they call exclusives that's on the pc to.For exsample little big planet and they have others to.This is what i'm trying to say.This ps3 fanboy is makeing fun of the 360 fanboys because they are saying that LFD is a 360 exclusives.Then he laughing about microsoft and acting like sony is better then that when they do the exact thing and 360 fanboys do the same thing and it's childish and need to stop.

I never understood why fanboys from both sides are glad when a game is exclusive to their system.They act as if THEY will lose money if it is on the other system.The fact is that neither company gives a sh*t about anyone.All they want to do is sell as many systems as they can and they both will lie to do it and that's a fact.The fanboys that say and belives that a company give a sh*t about them are just dreaming.MIcrosoft and sony both been caught doing things that proves that all they want to do is sell their products and will do anything to do it.

Sony was caught makeing up a fake movie critic to give all their movies a 4 star rateings just to get people to go see their movies.Sony was also caught lieing about the ps2 when it was just about to be released.The first thing that they did was show a prerendered game and said it was actual gameplay.When the game came out the graphics sux and wasn't even close to the prerendered one they showed.The developer of the game finally admitted that the trailer of the game was prerendered not actual game play like sony claimed.Sony also was denying that some ps2 had a bad drive in them.Some people was complaining that the drive would go out fast and would read can't read disc even if it was a new ps2 and game(it done it to me).Sony kept denying it untill a lawsuit was brought against them.Come to find out sony knew all along but didn't want to fix them but decided to when they were sued.The fact is that sony lied and will keep on lieing just to get us to buy their products.

Microsoft does the same thing.Microsoft is known to release programes to early.They release some of them with defects in them.They did it with windows and the 360 and probaly more.Just like sony microsoft was sued over their products to.Just like sony microsoft lied and will keep on lieing to get us to buy their products.

The fact is that there isn't one big company in the world that doesn't lie and deal under the table to make it.The fact is that sony and microsoft wouldn't be on top like they are now if they didn't play dirty to get on top and they have to keep playing dirty and dealing under the table to stay on top.There isn't one big honest company in the world.The fact is that if they were we wouldn't have even heard of them because the other companies would keep them down and that's a fact.

All the fanboys that belive sony or microsoft is honest to them and looking out for them are crazy or just to bias to admit the truth.Like i said before neither one gives a sh*t about us.All they want to do is make a profit and they will do what it takes at any cost and that's a fact.When some one try to make it look like a company is looking out for their best intrest need help.

I've read some childish,stupid and ridiculious remarks made by fanboys and it's stupid.hell they had one ps3 fanboys that just showed how stupid fanboys could be.Instead of sending in a good arument about what he thinks he just said that all 360 fanboys are gay.This guy is pathetic and he need help.It's just kind of stupid remarks that keep all this childish fighting going on.people like him should grow up instead of acting like they have a low I.Q.

Ren4052d ago

Holy WALL OF TEXT Batman!!!

comm134052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Bladestar you must be the biggest goddamn tool to be alive today.

How is PC a Microsoft platform? PC stands for Personal Computer last time I checked, and they don't get any money what so ever from third party companies making games on the PC.

I ll just play "games for windows" on my Linux thank you.

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Deviant4053d ago

Ppl should buy the superior version (pc) of this game even if it gets released for ps3.
Valve simply aren't console devs


although i don't want this game anyway...

whoelse4053d ago

There are enough exclusives available now and next year to cover my gaming anyway.

ultimolu4053d ago


It's not my preference anyway.

smturner684053d ago

If this game was an exclusive to the PS3, then you'd be including in all of the exclusive lists that you like to bandy about. The fact is, that it's an xbox 360 exclusive, so you turn your nose up at it, and say that you'd not want it anyway. WRONG! If it was a PS3 only title, you'd be bragging about how awesome people are saying it is. You know, and I know it.
MAN! I didn't realize that the end of this year would be strapping me financially just in ps3/360 games. Thank God that there's not much worth buying for the Wii!

Captain_Sony4053d ago

They probably did the exact same thing for Bioshock before it was announced for PS3.. THat game went from being complete garbage to them to Hey we get the best version of a great game that 360 couldnt even play right.".Sony fans really are becoming pathetic. I once said that the PS3 was the Game Cube of this gen but I was wrong. A. GC fans actually managed to retain some self respect and dignity. B. they spent their time playing the few games they did have not crying on message boards about how bad the other consoles suck.

LethalToxins4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Of course, that's how it is. However, it's not just with PS3 owners as you would have it believed. It's MS as well. When MGS4 was coming out so many MS owners said it wasn't their cup of tea, cutscenes were too long, etc. There have been more rumors about that game than any other this gen.

Realistically, what single console fan wouldn't want a good game coming to their system? They're not all going to be your style of game, but isn't it always better to have options? LBP isn't eactly my thing, but it's good to know it's there if I wanna play it. Anyone saying a variety of quality games is bad, well, that's just stupid.

Ren4052d ago

For the same reason i dont play CS or BF , i dont buy or play online only games.

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