PS3 Informer Review: Resistance 2 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

PS3 Informer writes: "In Resistance 2, the sequel continues where the first installment ended. Lt. Nathan Hale, stranded after an intensive battle against the Chimera in London, wonders aimlessly through an english blizzard. When hope for rescue is lost, the buzzing of a helicopter swoops below the clouds and lands at his six. It's the Americans! The U.S. soldiers forcefully detain and sedate Hale, then fly to Iceland for testing and evaluation. Unbeknown to Hale, his mission soon continues.

Initially, the graphics are questionable due to dark rooms and destroyed scenery. However, the lack luster graphics play well to the disorientated Lieutenant's story-line. Once Hale reaches the outdoors, immediately the graphics shine. The colors are vivid with improved details to the environment, weaponry, and Chimera. Also, cutscenes from narrated camera shots to cinematic scenes were long overdue. We'll consider the lack of initial cinematography a newcomer's budget. One downside to the cinematic scenes is the difficulty to understand dialogue during background environmental noises like explosions. Perhaps these scenes are orchestrated in this fashion to mimic actual audible distractions of war."

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Ap3theBad4047d ago

now that ps3 is on top,they gotta find everything wrong with anything ps3 related... first its "blu-ray is dying" or "gunna die" wen its only increasing 10X faster ,especially with the dark night coming out december 9th..... then they say the ps3 community sux and servers arnt good wen not only is it free but the serverrs are just as good as XBL to me,ive never had a freakin problem with em at all since i had my ps3 over a year and a half ago.
then theres the whole "ps3 has no games" lol hahaaaa yeah ok,ps3 has a SH!T load of games,then theres the whole "no good games" or "not enuf good games"... another haha,ps3 has more AAA titles in its life time then 360 (wont explain the games since its to long of a list).....

then the ps movie store,then the in game XMB and music witch had to wait do to XBOX rights to them.... lol now there trying to nit pick not only the ps3 games (especially the AAA titles) but the whole HOME vs XBE.

lol such homo's man.
and just to let peeps know out there... XMB on ps3 won an EMMY award [email protected] wut did the dashboard win?? nodda,zilch,zero.

i know,i kinda wen off subject,but it baffles me wen dudes start trashin every single tid bit of the ps3 related things.

snyper8314047d ago

come on man the ps3 has fantastic games but clearly the 360 has more AAA games to choose from. I personally the only game that truly makes me want a ps3 is mgs4 but is just not enough and as far as online play, xbox live rules!!! get over it is a fact, every one knows that??? just enjoy your ps3 which after a couple updates has decent online play and like i said before it also has fantastic games and as far as graphics at first the 360 was on top but now it clearly the ps3 has come back and both are about equal, I hate fanboys claiming one way over the other.One thing is for sure if you were a developer you will surely develop for the 360 because it has way better tools and much less expensive to make a game than ps3.........

360 man4047d ago