Can Tencent Help Nintendo Enter China’s Gaming Space?

Nintendo has a good chance of succeeding once it crosses regulatory hurdles. The mobile nature of Nintendo Switch, its low price, and availability of popular games like Tencent’s Honor of Kings could make the Switch platform a success.

However, Nintendo has a long way to go before it can tap China’s market.

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Kabaneri532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

Communist China is an Orwellian nightmare and it sucks for gaming. I would prefer that companies avoid that market rather than appease their totalitarian regulations.

Servbot41532d ago

Yeah, we'll start to see games watered down to meet China's requirements, just like we are seeing in movies. Nintendo and Tencent/China is a horrible idea.

Teflon02532d ago

Better they just do what Sony is and embrace the games they're releasing. China will be alot more likely to support the consoles releasing the games from the country lol. Forget trying to convince them using a company. Just be genuine