Game Revolution: Eternal Sonata Review

Game Revolution writes: "Here's a golden nugget of knowledge you won't get from the History Channel. Federic Chopin, 19th century pianist and composer of some of the most impossibly beautiful pieces of classical music, was also really into anime of the long-winded variety. I don't know what's more weird: a 19th century European aristocrat with an Asian fetish, as Eternal Sonata would suggest, or an Asian with a 19th century European aristocrat fetish, as this awesome game would suggest.

Eternal Sonata, a traditional Japanese RPG set in an untraditional world, takes place entirely within the anime-laden head of Chopin during his final days in bed with tuberculosis. As Chopin is dying, unacquainted with J-pop, Hello Kitty, and probably even Japan itself, he finds his dreams infested with visions of the spiky-haired and the squeaky-voiced. What a nightmare."

+ Chopin is 'da man
+ Light/Dark battle system
+ Colorful graphics
+ Exquisite music
- Too linear
- Few customizable options
- Long-winded
- Overly repetitive battles

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