World at War Really Is The Goriest Call of Duty Yet

GameXtract writes "Three weeks ago we posted an article of how Noah Heller commented to OPM UK, that Call of Duty: World at War is the goriest Call of Duty title to date. We then found images from various forum members from the GT forums boards that backed this up as seen in the article. Curious to see for myself, I plunged into the World at War beta, and low, and behold I was put into a round where limbs were flying off, rib cages were visible, and dead soldiers were found on the ground with only half of their body. These graphical images did not stop me from playing the game, but I did at times stop, and take a look for myself just to see the work Treyarch put into this blood, and gut mess. Along playing the game I took some screenshots for you guys to really show just how gory this game can get. Some images as described above can be a bit disturbing so don't blame me if you start running to the nearest bathroom after viewing the images. "

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ape0073722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

after playing the beta,I can say that treyarch nails it,am really sorry treyarch,I bashed you a bit,kudos to you guys

the gameplay feels exactly as tight as cod 4(cod 4 still a bit tighter),I can now say farewell to the messy gameplay experience in cod3

but I don't expect the campaign to be as masterful as IW's masterpiece,cod 4 has unforgetable moments,music in cod 4 was one of the best music I've ever heard in a game

am gonna buy it,but damn,my wallet will be empty,by the looks of things,this one will have a dark,twisted humor with some nasty gore

1-up for tryearch

kosha3722d ago

Its gonna be so fun blowing my mates legs off