10 Inspiring Minimalist Video Games That Prove Beauty Doesn't Mean AAA

Nelia from Twinfinite writes:

"Video games with minimalist art styles don't mean they're boring or uninteresting. These 10 games are examples of minimalist masterpieces."

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nudawa410d ago

Stop covering up your financial problems by calling shitty graphics "art"

sampsonon410d ago

good art that would be even better with more time and money behind it.

mixelon410d ago

None of the games in this list have bad graphics.

You don’t know what bad graphics are, and likely not what “art” is either.

Graphics are there to communicate a point. Sometimes that point is communicated better with simpler or more abstract graphic styles.

Limbo and Thomas was Alone have *incredible* graphics. How would you improve them?

Lots of non indie games have more low key or stylised graphic styles too.

SamPao410d ago

financial problems. haha I really hope you dont believe that yourself. Art is not about money. educate yourself or just put your brain on "ON"

oasdada410d ago

where's inside, flower, journey, abzu, firewatch e.t.c?

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SamPao410d ago

some beautiful games in that list

victorMaje410d ago

I never played bad north.
I like the idea, I might try it.

WeAreLegion410d ago

Who said pretty games were all AAA? Absolutely no one. Weird title.

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