4 Reasons Remedy's Control Should Have You Excited

Greysun from Twinfinite writes:

"You might not have heard much about Remedy's new action title, Control, but here are four reasons why you should all be excited about its release."

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1nsomniac73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

What worries me is that the game looks graphically awful without RTX and some (not all) of the RTX features look like they’re perfectly capable of being enabled without RTX but are locked out.

AnubisG73d ago

It just looks so generic and borring. Maybe for free with PS+

gamer780473d ago

it kinda looks like they took their tech and made cool gameplay but forgot about making a memorable setting and cast of characters. I wish they would just work on AW2 or something that has those two things as well.

TricksterArrow73d ago

Alan Wake has a memorable cast and setting?

gamer780473d ago

@trickster absolutely the setting was amazing like something out of twin peaks, the writing was fantastic. The townsfolk were expertly written and of course Alan his wife and agent.

PlatinumKing198273d ago

And one reason im not excited is it looks like Quantum Break V2. And i thought quantim break was trash. Maybe when its on ebay for under 9.99 a few weeks after launch i may test it.

Hardiman73d ago

I'm intrigued by Control as I love the paranormal and fiction that has agencies that secretly investigate the paranormal is even better.

Looking forward to giving it a go because Alan Wake was the last Remedy game I played.