A Way Out Sells Two Million Copies

EA Originals’ game, A Way Out, was one of the most critically acclaimed games launched last year. Today, Hazelight Studios announced that the game has sold two million copies and thanked the fans for their support.

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Genuine-User70d ago

Congrats to the studio. Loved playing this game with my buddy.

Abnor_Mal70d ago

I just gave my friend my base PS4, now I will finally get a chance to take this game out of my backlog and play.

Puty70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

One of maybe 10 games where both players achieve trophies on PS4. Loved the splitscreen with my girlfriend.
2 millions across 3 platforms isn't that great sadly.

InKnight7s70d ago

Maybe due that you can play even without other player have the game.

However this is indie first release, I think it is good and he will do even better next major release.

boing170d ago

2 million copies means 4 million players. Nice.

PapaBop70d ago

Hate to be pedantic but why is the opening lines calling it an EA Originals game? I mean sure it's technically true but it the main credit should go to Hazelight Studios and referred to as their game.

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