The Bender Podcast - Episode 020 - Guitar Hero, Scientologists, and PETA, Oh My!

Are we going to hit a video game burst similar to the one during the Atari days before Nintendo saved the day!? A little discussion on the news about Brandon Crisp. Many revelations in the show, James not only is allergic to coconut, but doesn't eat beef either, sad times. Allison doesn't know if she wants Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Challenge James in a video game quiz where you can pick the category, and we'll give you a prize. Enjoy this week's The Bender (or else!)

Show Notes:

This week we have been gaming on: Earthworm Jim (Virtual Console), God of War (PS2), Pac-Man Championship Edition (XBLA), Guitar Hero World Tour (Xbox 360), Soulcalibur IV (Xbox 360), Oblivion (PS3), Tetris Splash (XBLA), Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3)

Random Guitar Hero vs Rock Band ramblings

The News:

Atari to publish 'Ghostbusters' game

User created Guitar Hero content could be "subscription opportunity"

PETA suck the ass

Scientology sucks

Xbox Diamond Club, we miss thee.

MGS4 Demo… for some reason

New Elder Scrolls in 2010

Watch "Burn After Reading" Don't Watch "Max Payne"

Delorean in Burnout Paradise

Tabula Rasa for $1, seriously, click the link and buy ten copies.

Quick thoughts on the Brandon Crisp being found dead

World at War gets chewed out!

Quiz against James for a prize! (He sucks, you can do it!) Contact one of us with "Quiz" as the subject.

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