No Man's Sky BEYOND Trailer


Hello! Thank you for your patience. Our biggest update yet launches in a little under a week on August 14th and we couldn’t be more excited to share this trailer with you, showing off the massively expanded online component of Beyond for the first time. BEYOND is the culmination of 12 months of work.

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Knushwood Butt617d ago

This is going to be awesome in VR.

Palitera616d ago

If only the actual game would be remotely similar to the trailer...

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RememberThe357616d ago

Haven't played it recently, I see.

TheSaint616d ago

Rarely see a comment get zero upvotes, I bet you still don't think you're wrong tho.

mkis007615d ago

Quite the contrary, you can absolutely tell that is in-game because they didn't try to hide the lod changes like they did in the very first trailer. This is the biggest game turnaround in history. No other game has come back from the depths as NMS has. Most dev's would just abandon it.

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kayoss616d ago

This game really turned itself around.

gangsta_red616d ago

Still looks nothing like the original trailer that featured the same song from 69daysofstatic.

gangsta_red616d ago

And that would be 65, not 69

gangsta_red616d ago

Check out the YouTube reveal

Nacho_Z616d ago

Oh you mean the desert worm and whatnot. On the whole the planets look much better now than they did in that trailer. No giant worms though sadly.

SkatterBrain615d ago

i wanna Watch Tremors now for some reason I Love Those Movies , cool Sand Worm in beetle juice werent there some in Starwars?

Dragonscale615d ago

He might mean the forest one with the dinosaurs. That was awesome.

-Foxtrot616d ago

Don’t know why you’re getting disagrees, it’s still no where need what was promised and shown off

Nacho_Z616d ago

Probably because if you watch the trailer he's referring to everything looks better now than it did then. Pretty much the only thing that is missing from the current game is the giant sandworm I mentioned.

To say the original trailer is nowhere near what we have now is true but only in the sense that the current version is far better.

mkis007615d ago

At this point what is left from the reveal that is missing?

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Spenok615d ago

You're right, it's far surpassed it.

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TheProfessional616d ago (Edited 616d ago )

This game represents one of the worst problems with next gen games, developers release something broken, unpolished and incomplete at full retail price and then just work on patches and updates that add or improve things that should have been done at launch. Why should they get praise for making good on their promise to consumers? What's even more sad is it took hello games 2 or 3 years

FadedWolf13616d ago (Edited 616d ago )

While thats true and I won't defend what they did at launch at least they didn't release a unfinished game also riddled with microtransactions like fallout 76. It's an ambitious game with what they set out to accomplish was already aiming too high I doubt even any of these 500 person studios would have released the perfect game that a 15 person indie company tried to do and even if they did they would most likely charge you on a game you payed $60 15 bucks to change your starship blue or items to colonize a planet.cut them some slack for not just taking your money and taking the criticism of their launch fuck up with integrity instead of feeding you PR bullshit with roadmaps like anthem which I could argue NMS is a more fun and unique experience then that cash grab horrid mess of a game. Again, I'm not defending how they fucked up over hyping their game at launch but "what's even more sad is it took hello games 2 or 3 years" my Guy I'd like to see you and a ragtag group of less then 20 accomplish anything close to what NMS is today. EA and Bethesda with their shitty game engine that they have sold us over and over takes the same 2-3 years fixing and adding the minimal to the game while all their attention goes to making sure you spend 15 dollars to change your fucking character shirts,NMS doesn't deserve to be lumped in the same with those billionaire assholes

Shane Kim616d ago

I think it's not worse than those kickstarter/early access where you back a game up with money before it's finished.

roadkillers616d ago

I'm alright with it. I havent bought the game yet, so I'm getting a $20 game with all the improvements.

mkis007615d ago

Nah, the initial purchase is all you ever needed. They didn't charge for anything beyond the game itself.

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