We Need More Twisted Metal

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "It has been more than seven years since our last chaotic journey through the world of the Twisted Metal universe and I for one am tired of waiting. The explosions, the dark, twisted sense of humor and chaotic theme of the demolition derby has long been missed and it really is time for Sony to get back to this series and to deliver one more wild adventure for fans to enjoy. This franchise has been one of the most asked for to be revived, and it would be the perfect time to do so by capping off the PlayStation 4 era with one more amazing, untamed and bombastic joyride in the world of Twisted Metal."

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NapalmSanctuary370d ago

Damn right we need more Twisted Metal. Its the reason I bought a PS4 to begin with. If Nintendo can stay faithful to its Mario/Zelda fanbase for all these years then Sony can show some love for its old school fans in the same manner.

SickSinceSix370d ago

Not a fan of battle royale games but a Twisted Metal BR could be awesome. I'm just not sure the last game sold well enough for Sony to justify funding a new entry

gangsta_red370d ago

Doesn't even need to be a BR, just make it an arena shooter type game set in different city maps. I would be down for that.

SickSinceSix370d ago

Good point, with BR they usually get lazy and only make one map

Tesal370d ago

wW need a remake full of all characters " from all of TW games" with their each unique stories 'n the Villain of TW2.

Add as many modes as they can including a battle-royal mode + arena modes " who not . something extra not as a main focus of the game"

Add creative mode as well to make own maps etc with many assets from all titles of possible.

OnlyThoseOnTheFence370d ago

That's a weird way to spell "Vigilante-8"

NapalmSanctuary369d ago

Thats a great one that needs to come back too.

BlackIceJoe369d ago

I think we need more vehicle destruction games in general, be it this or a new Blood Wake.