EDGE: Far Cry 2 Review

Far Cry 2 isn't especially delicate about establishing its literary intentions – before the five-minute mark is up, a notorious arms dealer called the Jackal has recited Nietzsche at you. You're here in Africa to kill him, but things haven't worked out as planned, and now you're dying of malaria while being lectured about man's 'will to power' in a peculiarly hurried monotone. Far Cry 2 may dispense with all the sci-fi silliness of the open-world shooter that preceded it, but it is not without an otherworldly quality.

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Carbide74052d ago

It's more like a 9 in my opinion, and this is the game that's gonna keep me occupied till Killzone 2 hits shelves.

Szarky4052d ago

30 min. with Resistance 2 and it made me forget about Far Cry 2. I'll be selling it as soon as I get it back from my friend. Resistance 2 however and Motorstorm: PR and LittleBigPlanet will keep me busy until Killzone 2.