Video Game Examiner: Gears of War 2 will make you forget about any other game

Overall, the bottom line is that Gears of War 2 is a must have game for every Xbox 360 owner. From the excellent story to the even better game play and the hours upon hours of replay-ability, you really have nothing to lose. If you liked the original Gears of War, this one is longer, faster, and better than the first. Go get it now!

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ape0075192d ago (Edited 5192d ago )

as I said this game is drop dead gorgeous

it's one of the most well crafted and enjoyable games ever

horde mode is absolutely fantastic

the game is miles better than gears 1

looks like the gears series will mark its name as one of the best franchises ever,epic is on the right direction,admit it guys,please sony fans,it's fcn amazing and 360 fans,you got to play the massive R2
R2 will compeletely blow your mind by its scope,depth,amazing weapons and its awesome online multiplayer

if you become a fanboy,you'll lose a lot of gaming heaven

for me,360 and ps3 are friends,cause both sony and ms worked hard only for us,the gamers,we should unite and give a stronger name to the thing called videogames

all fanboys from both sides,shake hands and be happy,you got two unbelievable games

epic and insomniac ftw

Rockstar5192d ago

Looks as if the Halo Franchise is passing the torch to GeOW as THE game to get an Xbox for.

green5192d ago

If Gears 2 shipped with only horde mode, i would still buy the game.But it came with a great campaign and great multiplayer modes.

As for it surpassing Halo this gen, yes i would agree but the problem that Gears faces is that it does not have a universe and story that is as good as Halo.But game play wise, Gears has taken the trophy.

NaiNaiNai5192d ago

T_T im still "thinking" about getting this. i wasn't that big of a fan on the first one. some one PM me with your experience with the game.

fufotrufo5192d ago

Damn Right! ..this game is ridiculously amazing!