The Best Single-Player Only Games on PS4

Online games are great, but sometimes you just want something you can play by yourself. Here are over 30 of the best single-player games available on PS4.

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lxeasy74d ago

its one of those click next to go to the next page and see the next game on the list... no thanks

74d ago
darthv7274d ago

Spider-man, God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn are some of my favorites. And I just picked up the CE of Days Gone but have not started it yet. Cant wait for TLoU2

gangsta_red74d ago

God of War was definitely a good one. Santa Monica definitely nailed that one by changing up the arcade gameplay but still keeping the feel of the original GoW games. Also it was good seeing an older Kratos just tired of everything, reminded me of Logan. Another aspect I liked is the back stories of the Norse mythology that was narrated throughout the game.

Spider-Man, HZD and Days were too much of a chore to play and just couldn't finish them without moving on to something else. But still very well done games.

Tiqila74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I like GoW alot, but for me it was a totally new game that felt zero like a god of war title. Zero. If there wasn't Kratos in it I would not even compare it to GoW. I would still like a new classic style gow.

EverydayJoe73d ago (Edited 73d ago )


Funny I platinum every one of those games. None of them were a chore to me. Had a blast playing all of them even with the grind.

SyntheticForm73d ago

HZD is one of my favorite games of this generation, but TLOU2 will likely be my game of the gen unless Cyberpunk can top it. Don't think it will though; when Naughty Dog bring their 'A' game they're unbeatable.

covcha74d ago

And Uncharted 4 & Uncharted The Lost Legacy???!

73d ago
ShinRon74d ago

Bloodborne is by far the best ps4 exclusive.

VerminSC74d ago

Many people would disagree. It’s one of my favorites but I prefer god of war and uncharted 4

solideagle73d ago

you are like me, I just cant play these games anymore. I finished demon souls and dark souls 1 but I always felt depressed in these games, so I stopped playing it :D

PS: I suck in these type of games. I find mage class to be easy as you can pew pew from far

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gangsta_red74d ago

Bloodorne slipped my mind, maybe because it came out so long ago but that is definitely one of the best games for PS4.

But it does have some MP elements.

74d ago
343_Guilty_Spark73d ago

Never got around to finishing it but it was fun

darthv7273d ago

never played it on PS4 but I have on vita. Very good game as well.

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