15 N64 Games That Deserve the ‘Classic’ Treatment

Exclusively Games writes:

''Nintendo’s last two attempts at ‘classic’ consoles with the NES Classic and SNES Classic were home runs. There’s no doubt that Nintendo absolutely knows that there is a market for nostalgia, which makes an N64 classic not a question of if, but when.

Here are 15 games I feel deserve the ‘classic’ treatment whenever the Nintendo 64 Classic finally does come along.''

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BadElf408d ago

Just start pumping out alot of n64/gamecube games to the Switch store.

Been expecting that since release. Whats happening?

408d ago
jreeves82408d ago

How can this list not have Super Smash Brothers or Conkers Bad Furday

gangsta_red408d ago

N64 had a few gems but way more mediocre titles than anything. Also, the graphics unlike 8-bit and 16-bit just don't hold up well, some of them look downright terrible.

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