Palgn: Fable 2 Review

Fable 2 is all about little things. Sure, there's the whole saving the world and becoming a powerful warrior thing, but the real appeal of Fable 2 lies in the small, seemingly insignificant details. Heroes can eat too much, and get rather tubby. They can become property moguls by buying up all buildings in the world of Albion, and then rent them out at extortionate prices. Villagers react differently to the hero based on their actions. There are sales – as well as shortages – of goods, so heroes skilled in the art of commerce can make some serious gold. The game world is littered with signposts to help heroes find their way. Heroes can get married, and knock up their spouse. Several times, should they wish. People can jump on Xbox Live and visit the worlds of other heroes. The way the game world reacts to the hero really does change as they become famous. The world of Albion, and everything in it, is lovingly detailed and looks excellent. There are so many little touches of brilliance here that they can't all be covered in this review, but rest assured that they will impress even the most critical of players.

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