Stephen Colbert uses Super Mario to make a point about Trump blaming violence on video games

Following the tragic mass shootings that took place in Texas and Ohio, a number of Republicans rolled out a tired scapegoat: video games.

Despite evidence to the contrary, video games have often been singled out as a cause of violence in U.S. society. In a recent press conference, Trump put them in the spotlight once again, condemning the "gruesome and grisly video games that are now commonplace."

The Late Show, however, was not about to accept his statement quietly. In the Super Mario parody above, a little animated Trump jumps a goomba before being confronted by the Italian plumber himself.

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nitus10845d ago

What! I thought the mass shootings happened in El Passo Texas and Dayton Ohio, not Toledo Ohio. Oops, well, he did get Ohio right and his speech to the nation was one of the best Zombi impressions I have seen for some time. 😣

lxeasy844d ago

Donald Trump is terrible, can't wait for him to lose in 2020

neutralgamer1992844d ago

2020 he will be out of office I think. Him staying quite and supporting these racists groups will cost him in debates

844d ago
JackBNimble844d ago

You people should actually pay attention, I would be very worried about how far left your beloved Dem's want to take America.

You will all be screwed if the Dems get in but I can't see that happening.
Hopefully all the grownups vote to keep Trump in.

DeadlyFire844d ago

The Government has a pretty solid rigged system 8 years then party flip lock. I m pretty sure Trump wins 2020. Democrats win 2024, Republicans win 2032.

Majin-vegeta844d ago

And hopefully it's to Andrew Yang.All the other old coots are garbage.

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nowitzki2004844d ago

Dont be so excited.. I wont be surprised if he gets elected again. I never thought he would be in office in the first place... Remember, he lost majority the first time but the electoral college is all that matters.

kneon844d ago


What you and the crazies at the GOP call left, the rest of the world would regard as centrist. You've been brainwashed by those republican con men to vote against your best interest by making you scared of everything. They know that works because fear is the main driver behind conservatism.

ravens52844d ago

@PlainSimpleGarak. I know for a fact you dont believe he isnt racist to mexicans.... right? I mean really lol

CaptainObvious878844d ago


It is absolutely astounding what you wrote. Literally switch 'republican' and democrat in your statement and you might get something that isn't completely divorced from reality...

Republicans the party of fear?

They're aren't the ones pushing climate alarmisn, pushing how all conservatives are racist, pushing the pathetic Trump Derangement Syndrome at every single news cycle. Good grief

DarXyde844d ago

IF* he loses.

Don't "wait". Vote.

He has an incredibly fiercely loyal base who WILL be voting, so if you want to see him gone, do your part.

SyntheticForm844d ago

The man is a complete fool and a total buffoon.

gamer7804844d ago

To be fair lots of politicians blame videogames when its politically convenient, Hilary, Biden and now Trump have all done this.

Donnie81844d ago

That’s not gonna happen. Look at the clowns the democrats are running against him. In a debate he will destroy any of those morons.

StormSnooper844d ago (Edited 844d ago )

That’s interesting you say that because all the studies are showing that it’s the Republicans who have been moving more and more to the right. This has been the case even before Trump’s presidency which has moved republicans into the closest the party has been to the far right as it has ever been, to the point that some Republicans are fighting to keep the party’s old ideals alive. If you think the Democrats are moving to the left, it’s mainly because the Republicans have moved so far into the right that the middle is no longer where it used to be. On the “far left” we do have the liberals like Bernie Sanders, but their difference from traditional democrats are limited to a handful of positions regarding healthcare and education. On everything else that matters, they are very much democrats, and do not seem to promote a societal shift like the “far right” or the “alt-right” movements in the republican side.

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Orionsangel844d ago

@JackBNimble Grownups? When is Trump is gonna grow up?

nitus10844d ago (Edited 844d ago )

Trump is a "sociopath". Don't believe me then look it up and tick all the boxes that you associate with Trump. Here are just a few traits:

Profile of the Sociopath
- Glibness and Superficial Charm.
- Manipulative and Conning. They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviours as permissible. ...
- Grandiose Sense of Self. ...
- Pathological Lying. ...
- Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt. ...
- Shallow Emotions. ...
- Incapacity for Love.
- Need for Stimulation.

There are more traits but you get the picture. You only have to look at the younger Trump and he has not changed although it does appear that his mental health has deteriorated.

Of course, quite a few people will disagree with me but this forum is a gaming site and Trump and his sycophants are trying to deflect from the issue of firearms by trying to demonize games and if you are a gamer you should be disgusted with this tactic.

kneon844d ago


What's astounding is that people like you are so easily conned. The difference between the two is that the republicans make up things to be afraid about, the democrats are talking about reality.

They want you to be afraid of illegal immigrants taking your jobs, while simultaneously sitting at home collecting welfare. Never mind that they could virtually eliminate illegal immigrants by requiring social security number verification to obtain employment and hefty fines for any company that employs illegal immigrants. But that won't happen because too many of their donors rely on dirt cheap employees to make their bloated profits.

You're also supposed to be afraid of brown people, black people, and of course Muslim ("terrorist") people. Meanwhile, you've had more people die to domestic gun violence than in all your (many many) wars combined. Will they do something? No, because again you can't go upsetting your donors.

My favorite though is the rampant homophobia. What makes this one particularly funny is how many right-wing politicians, anti-gay activists, and religious leaders/con-men have been literally caught with their pants down with a member of the same sex.

I'm so lucky not to be American so I can just sit back and laugh at the clown show that is US politics. It's been broken for decades so the current state was always inevitable.

S2Killinit844d ago (Edited 844d ago )

I think the reason he said “Tolido” even though the teleprompter in front of him clearly said “el paso and dayton” was because they knew that more mass killings were bound to happen, and in his rehearsal speech for such an occassion, they had used “tolido”. They know that they are causing people lives but stick to the gun lobby’s agenda. I wonder what city’s name they will use in the next rehearsed speech.

NeoGamer232843d ago

People have to be really careful what they ask for.

In no way am I a fan of Trump at all. He has put in a few common sense things that are good. But, he hasbeen divisive and exclusionary. And it can be argued that he has done a lot of short term gains for long term pains.

The DNC has to be smart about things and bring politics back to the center more rather than going way left. Right now the US is experiencing a farther right wing president then any probably ever. And that is not good. But voting in a far left wing president is not the solution either because the far left policies would send people the other way again.

As much as people complain about hurt in compromise the only true path to make the world generally better and safer is through compromise.

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Knushwood Butt845d ago

Stamping on heads. Reminds me of Amercan History X.

PurpHerbison844d ago

You know, it was a pretty solid film but I will never get over the fact that they expected me to believe Derek could ball like that. That entire basketball scene needed to be deleted.

Knushwood Butt844d ago

Just that the concept of jumping on heads / things to squash them to death as seen in Mario games, is somehow not violent, is ridiculous.

Elda844d ago

Stephen is always too funny & on point when he lights Trump up.

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SenorFartCushion844d ago

He's good, but does represent the middle-ground brand of wealthy bourjois, so complaining about gun violence screams "love me" when it's really just what was decided by proper left wingers decades ago.

They need to catch their asses up, or else The Republicans will have the say on class - the issue that wins elections.

Highlife844d ago

Stephen on point? How did that Russian narrative turn out? Is Trump a good person no but I would take him over any left wing socialist nut job.

Srhalo844d ago

"How did that Russian narrative turn out?"

We dunno yet, the final page of that chapter will probably be written as soon as Trump is out of office, regardless of if it's 2020 or 2024.

844d ago
SenorFartCushion844d ago

Democratic Socialist* you're talking about something completely unrelated

rainslacker844d ago

I'd rather not have to settle and take someone who works for everyone regardless of their views, and doesn't classify people by their political beliefs.

Crazy to think the sooner Americans can start compromising and working together, the sooner things may actually get better for everyone, instead of alienating people based on their political beliefs. The constant infighting is like living in a dysfunctional family where everyone feels they have to be on top and get everything they want, and if one person isn't happy, then everyone has to be miserable.

That's just me though.

nitus10844d ago

It's always funny in a bizarre way when Republicans are proud of flipping a state or town/city "red" and then trying to demonise the opposition as Communist or Socialist when the colour associated with Communism is "red". Remember McCarthyism (look it up) from the 1950s which was instigated by Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy (1908 - 1957).

Those that refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


If Trump wins the next (ie. 2010) election then how sure are you that he won't go for a third or longer-term? You only have to look at his so-called "Jokes" with regard to extending his presidency are you really sure they are jokes?

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Kornholic844d ago

I guess they changed the definition of funny, then.

Sully5246844d ago

Nobody liked him before he started criticizing trump. Dude aint funny

844d ago
rainslacker844d ago

Man is a comedic genius, and before his current job, he was probably the best satirist comedian around. Played the extreme conservative part with conviction to the point it was actually believable. Of course, he could easily show the stupidity of media and politicians through his work.

What's more, he was probably one of the best interviewers of political figures on TV, and when he did serious interviews, he managed to keep it respectful and didn't back down too often.

Saying no one liked him is a falacy, and just an attempt at trying to discredit his work. Either you are unaware of his life work, or you are too scared to just address what he has to say, and feel that if you marginalize him, you won't have to worry about him.

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Sophisticated_Chap844d ago

Stephen Colbert, just like Bill Maher and jimmy Kimmel, is a Democrat shill, nothing more. Their studio audiences are a bunch of zombies, who clap and cheer for anything they say. Sad!

rainslacker844d ago

So....they're the democratic version of Trump? Trump is a republican shill, nothing more. His audience are a bunch of zombies, who clap and cheer for anything he says. It's pretty sad, because the man isn't even funny. His audience likes him because he panders to their fears, and tell's them that he'll fix their troubles, when they don't even seem to know their troubles, or their troubles weren't troubles until Trump told them it was.

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bluefox755844d ago (Edited 844d ago )

Jesus, really? The way that everyone has politicized the horrific acts in recent days is pretty disgusting tbh.

Eulderink844d ago (Edited 844d ago )

not really, i would say it's more understanding or considering for all the victims to make it political, yes the families struck by these events should be left alone.Though in my eyes trying to make an appeal to politicians to change something about either the mental health system or gun control is just common sense, atleast if u want something like this to never happen again or atleast minimize the risk of it happening again.

If someone of my family got shot by some guy wanting to watch the world burn, i definitely want no one to suffer those same events.

Like they say: you need to learn from history, else it repeats itself.

and yea we should blame the people who vowed they would serve us, since they can make and change the laws.
I mean this isn't the first one why is still nothing happening, except condemning the shooters.

stupidusername844d ago

At least some are trying to solve the problem instead of clinging to their guns and shouthing prayers.

844d ago
TK-66843d ago (Edited 843d ago )


So you've presented all the facts and info, but you're then denying ANY role guns could play. That is at best denial of the situation because no other country has this problem. Every single thing you point to that happens in other nations is an anomaly compared to what is the regular in the US. A lot of the facts you listed are going to require citations. For example, why does the 'well-regulated militia' not have access to tanks and military grade drones? Because I have a news flash for you. ISIS is better armed than your militia and they're not that scary as a fighting force compared to a professional army.

"If guns are the issue how did London beat New York in murders?"

Maybe because It didn't:

How ironic after your talk of facts.

"Mass stabbings happen in Asian and Europe."

How many people in developed nations die in mass stabbings in each country compared to mass shootings in America? Because ironically one of the links in another article someone posted said 17 victims but only 2 dead. That is a drastically better outcome than what we see from most mass shootings in the US. Considering a lawmaker in the US recently fabricated a mass stabbing in Norway suggests you should drop this line of argumentation.

"I'd rather we tackle mental health so that doesn't have to happen at all."

How about supporting medicare for all as a start? It would be a good way for the US to bring itself in line with the rest of the developed world.

"Take away the guns and you get a truck driving through Nice."

You're reaching now babe. Because the Boston bombing doesn't happen on an almost daily basis like mass shootings do and you cant just pin them all on mental illness and absolve guns of any role. Also comparing cars to guns as though guns are as necessary as cars are to everyday life is a joke. Do not attempt to tell me how a gun is necessary for people to get to work in the US, and do not try and ask me about hunters or sport because there are exceptions for those in other countries too.

What you're doing can be summarized as pretending things like the June 2017 London Bridge attacks are as frequent as mass shootings are in the US. If anything I may as well just argue whats the point of locks because people can still break into peoples homes. It's a dumb argument, and you're the one making it right now.

Wallow844d ago

At what point do people not politicize shootings? When the 1,000,000th shooting happens and America gets a super awesome prize for all the dead bodies that have piled up? Grow up. You either are complicit and silent or you speak out and remind people how NOT normal this is.