Buy PS3 and 2 Blu-rays, Get 2 Blu-rays Free

"A new deal Blu-ray deal has appeared at Amazon centered squarely around Sony Blu-ray. The deal offers two free Sony Blu-ray movies with the purchase of a Sony Blu-ray Disc players and two other Sony Blu-ray movies.

The players eligible for the deal are the Sony PS3 80GB console, Sony BDP-S350 Blu-ray player and Sony BDP-S550 Blu-ray player."

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i am the truth4045d ago

it should be by a ps3 and get killzone2 beta code free... ;-D

Sales will fly high, im in the beta and i know y im saying that!!!!

psnSkareFace4045d ago

i'm in the beta 2 but it wouldn't work earlier 4 me it said error code 10020 are something like that did anything like that happen 2 u

i am the truth4045d ago

yh i had that problem as well, but it did not last long;after a couple of trys i was back to playing the BEST fps ever made!!! did u see the shotgun !!!.. it makes cod4 shotgun look crap.

Software_Lover4044d ago

Why is it always about blu-ray? Maybe thats their main focus. I would liked to have received free games with my ps3 instead of a few movies. But to each his own.