VGR: Celebrity Sports Showdown Review


"The game just isn't fun and seems to be another opportunity at cashing in on people who don't know better, it's not as bad as say...More Game Party, but it's pretty close to being so. The game doesn't even realistic models of the celebrities; they look closer to Xbox 360 avatars than proper character models. I can see the direction they were going with, but I can't see any appeal to any of it, the games are awful to play and the celebrities aren't that well known. It's hardly an A+ list of stars, I mean...Keith Urban? Fergie? Avril? Come on, they could have at least chosen celebrities that aren't desperate for work.

Celebrity Sports Showdown is without a doubt, the worst game that EA's made this year. It's almost as bad as More Game Party with its bad controls and lack of enjoyment; it's a bit better but not much. Still I would suggest that everyone avoid this one like the plague."

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