Outer Wilds' solar system only highlights the shallowness of No Man's Sky's infinite universe

From VG247: "What is it that makes the open world genre appealing?

I would argue it’s this: possibility. Hence the familiar refrain of “you can go there” that accompanies open world preview trailers or screenshots showing us distant mountain ranges – the promise that you, and perhaps even the developers themselves, never know exactly what you might find when you venture out. The innate appeal of being uncertain about what lies beyond the horizon is what these games are predicated on."

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zodiac909772d ago

Comparing an Indie game to a Triple A game...seems like a legit comparison.

gloubiglou772d ago

Have you played the game? the comparison is legit! Outer wilds may not be triple A by definition but the content it offers goes way beyond the question of indie vs triple A. I recommend you play it, and not just the "tutorial", and you will know what I mean. Hopefully :)

SinisterKieran772d ago (Edited 772d ago )

but no mans sky was indie? i think if anything, obsidian was a bigger studio than hello games.
the price is AAA because of sony but its a tiny studio that made it. a lot smaller than obsidian.

edit: i got my games mixed up..sorry. not the obsidian game. my bad.

Atom666772d ago

There needs to be a disclaimer on any Outer Wilds article explaining that it is not Outer Worlds.

abstractel771d ago

Seems Zodiac, and others, mistook Outer Wilds to Outer Worlds. Meaning in most peoples heads

No Man's Sky = Indie
(mistakenly people read the title) Outer Worlds = Triple A
(corrected) Outer Wilds = Indie

So, comparing indie title vs indie. Despite the article, No Man's Sky has become very popular over the last couple of years and Beyond will most likely make it even more so (I'm very much looking forward to the VR).

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Laskin772d ago

Outer Wilds is just as "indie" as NMS... in fact - the first was supported by Microsoft and the latter by Sony, in just about the exact same way.
and unlike NMS - Outer Wilds is the team's first game. started as a science project and got backed by an actor from "Heroes" TV series, that's about it.

Laskin772d ago

hehe SinisterKieran... yea, it's a common mistake.

cosmicterrapin772d ago (Edited 772d ago )

I think they are talking about the size of the companies. Hello Games has 25 employees to where as the other has 170.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro772d ago

No Man's Sky is an indie game as well. It was made and published by Hello Games.

UnHoly_One771d ago

They are both indie games, I'm not sure what you mean.

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DerfDerf771d ago

You mean comparing an indie game to an indie game.....

zodiac909771d ago

@atom666 LOL my bad!!! I completely misread it -.- I'll see myself out.

DJStotty771d ago

Didnt no man's sky start off on kickstarter?

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gloubiglou772d ago

Let me rephrase: Outer Wilds'open world highlights the shallowness of most of triple A open worlds! This game litteraly blew my mind!

Laskin772d ago

My personal GOTY, and I doubt even DS will top it. it might, but won't be easy... I had so many "OMG" moments in OW, I stopped counting.

nyu1767d ago

Yeah, it's actually crazy some of the things they have in that game.

So many 'WOW' moments that you'd only expect from some next gen, massive AAA game... This game is more impressive than the vast majority of high budget games

Name Last Name771d ago

Tried this game since it was included in Game Pass and it was one of the best I've played in years!

Cmv38772d ago

While I found no man sky shallow and boring when it released.... coating a new have to an old game in this manner seems a bit pathetic. I would hope a newer game learned from the mistakes of an older game. Its only news if the mistake is repeated imo.

gloubiglou772d ago

I don't think OW learned anything from NMS coz despite the appearances the games are very different, and I loved NMS after the updates! It's not fair to compare actually, both are great at what they intend to do!

johndoe11211772d ago (Edited 772d ago )

"the games are very different. It's not fair to compare actually"

Let me get this straight. you said an entire article comparing the two in order to show how one is vastly superior to the other is legit and then you say in the comment section that they are two games are totally different and shouldn't be compared? Then what is the point of this article? Good God...................

UnHoly_One771d ago

Outer Wilds started development in 2012, just FYI.

Laskin771d ago

Yeah, Outer Wilds started development when NMS wasn't even at pre-production... so no.

Vithar772d ago

there's a difference between procedurally generated and hand crafted...

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