Activision's post-launch microtransactions are the peak of anti-consumer practices

Activision not only demonstrated its awareness of consumers’ opinions on microtransactions but that it is willing to use their distaste of micros to mislead them into buying a game with micros. That should be the textbook definition of anti-consumer business practice.

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v_eno_m413d ago

fool me once shame on you, fool me 4 franchises, 6 season passes, 16x DLCs later shame on me. I'm done buying their products.

PhoenixUp413d ago

Activision is seriously one of the scummiest companies ever. They put so many microtransactions into so many of their games and boast about record profits, yet they still lay-off a considerable amount of their employees

execution17412d ago

Bob needs that $28+ mil a year

Knightofelemia413d ago

EA has taught you well young grasshopper

UltraNova412d ago

Activision has been doing MTs as long as EA does but they are smart enough to shut up about it and not make one blatant PR mistake after the other defending their practices.

Teflon02413d ago

People are overreacting with Crash Team Racing. Literally just added a fast unlock option lol. They're giving free dlc anyways and it doesn't affect who's not interested. People need to be more concerned on how things work and less on the fact it's called a micro transaction.

BrainSyphoned413d ago

People need to know they slow progression so you feel the need to break the boredom they purposely put you in. That is people being concerned about how things work.

Magic_Spatula412d ago

Exactly. Activision does this as well as Ubisoft and Bethesda. Microtransactions should have never existed in full priced/AAA games to start with, but thanks to greed and no regulation it's what we got and it ain't going away.

Sgt_Slaughter412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

This is not overreacting, do not downplay this. Comments like the one you made are why we have these issues still to this day because people who dump ungodly amounts of money into games with MTs, or downplaying when a game has them added in retroactively.

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